Hugo is now 12 months old.
He is not walking. Why SHOULD he be? he is just 12 months old. 
I have surprised myself in the last week or so though.
People have asked how old he is... my response "he has just turned one on Monday.. where does the time go?" 
Que the question "Oh is he walking yet?"
"no not yet, happy crawling & cruising though"
in the past i would of jumped in to 'explain why he isn't doing this or that' But it is still so normal for a 12 month old not to be walking. 
i mean if he was 20+ months & still not walking i may explain about his Talipes, But at the moment why should i need to justify why my son isn't walking? 
It sure is a tough old time being a Mum. listening to some other Mums talking about their wonderful babies clapping at 4 weeks, singing at 15 weeks, crawling at 20 weeks oh you get the picture, i think i even heard about a baby being 'potty trained' at 10 weeks? i mean c'mon ! ... 
I'm pretty sure these parents have a 'name' other parents call them behind their back... 
I am ALL for being a proud parent. You bet my Jolly i will be shouting from the roof tops when my Hugo starts to walk unaided.
It's when people start to say 'Oh he should be doing this by now?' 
That gets my goat jheeze he is doing really well! can your child climb the stairs with two clumpy boots & a metal bar ? no well sshh my son isn't walking yet.
But i am so should i say Proud no i don't think thats the word i mean... I surprised myself that when these people have said 'oh he's 1 is he walking now then?' That i have said calmly no not yet thank goodness life will be crazy with the two of them, I'm happy he's still happy to sit in the buggy whilst walking around the shops.
he will get there. & its so much fun trying to teach him to stand he giggles his head off. 
His leg muscles still seem quite weak... & he relies on his arm muscles a lot to keep him standing up. 
We are working on his legs though! Its these major milestones that are all the fun to try & get there. he has the rest of his life to walk. 

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