We are gonna build a house...

Gonna build a house
With a Chimney tall
With a Chimney tall
Gonna build a roof
Gonna build a roof
And a garden wall
And a garden wall
A big front door you can open wide
Two small windows you can look inside
I'm gonna build a house
Gonna build a house
Gonna build a hou---se 

I think thats the song?... 

Not caught up with my blog for a while...read - New Year... New House!
We had our Site manager, Grounds man & Site Man over this morning. 
Talking Kitchens, Bathrooms, bedrooms, interior & exterior Decking, flooring inside you name it.

Its starting to feel real that we are building a house. & i am designing it! How crazy! 

We chose almost everything that we needed to except the Kitchen we provisionally chose one but we need to view them & either keep to our decision & order it or change our minds completely!
The majority of flooring will be classic Wood, the children's room will be carpet & the bathroom a squidgy Lino. 
It will all be on one floor - a bungalow, perfect for our family as Hugo & stairs with his Boots & bar is a no go ( although he has learnt to climb the stairs with them on ) probably more dangerous now though. 

The walls we are going White White White we will have amazing tall ceilings - let me try & find a picture so you know what i am talking about. I know people find white quite clinical & say go with a warm magnolia with the bright white ceilings but this is what we want i love it. 

How gorgeous is this kitchen? Our ceilings will be VERY similar to this.
I think - just 'think' we will go with a kitchen a little like this - 


I spotted a Alphabet wall on a Blog * i think it was on a blog? may of been Instagram - Yes i am addicted - my camera is broken ... After the coffee swimming incident so i feel a bit lost without photo's this is another reason why i can't take a photo of our land *where we will be building.. i shall call it our building plot? 

I will though & it will be put on our House build update so you can follow us on our journey!
Oh dear i am going off subject - the Alphabet wall this is what i am starting to collect already for the Children's room... 


Absolutely Adorable

Bathroom will be lovely White & clean looking similar to this - 
This will be similar to our bath, We love the curve to separate the bath to a shower.

I'll End this post by saying Grounds work will be starting February 25th 2013!!!! NEXT MONTH! EEeeeeeeekk!


  1. So..... When am I moving in!? :) exciting babes!!!!! Xxx

  2. It'll be beautiful once it's done :) you and mic have great style! Can't wait!! Xxx

    1. thank you! I really can't wait :) xxx

    2. This is awesome!! I love how white its going to be!! Good luck on keeping it clean :P xx

    3. Thank you Christy! you'll have to come down for the house warming party :) ha it will stay pristine white ;) xxx



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