Blue laid her First EGG

You read correctly! Did you know we had Chickens? Take a look here!
After a long wait we have finally got an egg!
She laid her first egg on Sunday 24th Feb & she laid another today!
Emilyn is SO Happy about this SO happy in fact that she pleaded to have one for her dinner tonight.
She was a little confused that the egg didn't have a chick in though.
Clever little thing. I had to explain that Blue & Ginger wont make eggs with chicks in.
She wanted Hugo to have the Chick... maybe one day we will get a cockerel but just know we are happy with our two little Chickens.
Little blue egg with our Other eggs

Boiling our first egg

It was the Yummiest Egg i've ever had. 

Emilyn enjoyed it too! 

We Love Munchkin - Suction Bowl & spoons

Are you feeding your child the Munchkin way?

Their aim is to Rid the world of tired and mundane products by developing clever, 

innovative products that excite and delight parents and children making parenting and life 

safer, easier and more enjoyable.

I have been lucky enough to Review some fabulous Munchkin goodies a Suction Bowl & extra long spoons *To dig deep in the jars ... Good idea! 

Lovely packaging :)


Beautiful bowl

Want to know more? Well...

  • Durable 12oz/354ml bowl for feeding, weaning and snacking
  • Click Lock™ lid for a leak proof seal
  • Dual sided super suction cup base firmly holds bowl to highchair or table to prevent tipping or spilling
  • Side handles help toddler feed and also mum if weaning
  • - See more at:

    Hugo loves his Muchkin bowl the suction pad allows his food to stay in his bowl where it belongs!...instead on the floor!
    I actually used to put his dinner on his highchair tray as the bowl would go 'over board' within seconds.
    You can see here Hugo has his Bowl & Munchkin Cup

          He was determined to try to get the bowl on the floor. Failed success I am pleased to say.

    Enjoying his pudding... Success at getting to the bottom of the jar ! Without covering my spoon in yucky stuff.

    The RRP for the Suction bowl is £4.99 and the soft tip spoons are £2.99.
    Where to buy - Here is a few useful sites:

    Jojo Maman Bebe

    Follow Munchkin on Twitter Here
    & They are on Facebook too Here

    We Love our Munchkin Cup

    I have been given the chance to review this fabulous 9 ounce click lock Insulated sippy cup.
    The company must of heard how much bad luck Hugo seems to have with beakers as they generously contacted me to see if I would like one to try. 
    It turned up yesterday in great packaging; the way you can actually touch the bottle before you buy I think is a good seller.
    Hugo took to it straight away the boy drinks like an Elephant, 
    He is terrible for letting them leak all over the floor, bed, sofa... ect ect.
    Well with this Munckin cup it doesn't leak! 
    I am also very taken to the name Munchkin it just sounds so incredibly CUTE!

    Enjoying his drink.

    • You can buy them from most Supermarkets or online, In a variety of colours.
    • I love the style & colours of them.
    • They look & feel sturdy Hugo has already thrown it on to our stone floor (those of you who come to see us a lot will know just how many cups Hugo has broken doing this) well not even a scratch to the cup.
    • They are Insulated - Perfect for warm summer days (I wanted to type hot but Hey we live in England) 
    • Also perfect for keeping warm milk warm *If you wish to put milk in the cup.

    very proud of his new cup.

    RRP seems to be from £4 - £8 depending where you buy it from Very reasonable for a great cup.
    Where to buy - Here is a few useful sites:

    Jojo Maman Bebe

    Follow Munchkin on Twitter Here
    & They are on Facebook too Here

    Home Made Mother's Day Cards

    With Mother's day coming up quickly. we have been Busy painting & making Cards.
    Hugo has never used paint before so today (26/02/13) 13 months old was his first time.
    He tried to eat it at first but found it tasted disgusting *He screamed & stuck his tongue out*
    So he didn't try eating it again.

    Concentrating with his art work
    Busy painting.

    I am a big D.I.Y card maker with the babies I think it adds that extra personal touch. The babies really enjoy painting & it gives us a excuse to get messy & have some fun whilst being creative.

    I bought eyes to stick on Hugo's & Emilyn's paintings to bring them to life. The big yellow splodge turned into a Chick. & the Red splodge turned into lady birds.

    Emilyn done some finger painting to make a flower & hand painting to make more lady birds.

    We painted on the floor with newspaper stuck down used paper plates for the paints easy clean up after.

    I love this one Emilyn done all by her self (I put the eyes on) she said she painted a scarecrow But i think it looks more like a funky looking Bird? Its pretty fab either way.
    Scarecrow or a brilliant bird?

    Hugo busy painting his Chick.

    This painting got turned into a Ladybird

    He really enjoyed painting
    Emilyn working on her cards
    The cards Hugo made
    The cards Emilyn made

    So Simple yet so effective why don't you give a paintbrush to your little people & see what creations they make?

    Boys Toddler Bedding

    Wow I am either crazily fussy or there is a lacking of NICE boys bedding?
    I remember this whilst searching for nursery bedding. brain numbing
    I have spent days searching the internet to try & find nice duvet sets.
    Hugo is still in his cot & i plan to keep him in there for as long as i can- once he has outgrown his cot he will go into the cot - bed that is being stored away.
    He keeps waking at night & i now think its because he is cold, he sleeps with a lovely warm sleeping bag but thats all.
    I will give him Emilyn's toddler duvet set & buy Emilyn a new single duvet I've found a beautiful NEXT cover for her its white with flowers on. simple.

    Searching for Boys bedding is a whole different story.
    I don't want the 'typical boys bedding' Do not get me started on angry birds...
    Trains, Cars, Aeroplanes, & any other Boy bedding. no thank you.

    I am a new Pinterest Addict. So i keep finding Beautiful bedding on there my most favourite to date is this Houndstooth Duvet/Quilt... But this looks like i need to make it myself? I'm not the best with fabrics although my sister is ...

    This is quite cute.

    i also love chevrons at the moment this grey & orange is lovely! 

    I think i will have to keep it pretty simple. I also realised i have a new love for grey!...

    a Toddler with Talipes

    As you may be aware Hugo was born with Bilateral Talipes, 
    well he is almost 14 months old now & we are getting on very well with his boots & bar 6pm - 6am this works perfectly for us (they should wear the bnb for 12-16 hours) as Hugo is Hypermobile & his feet Over corrected so quickly we have been told to wear them for 12 hours. 
    at his last appointment the Physio's were worried about Hugo's lack of ability to stand, His ankles seem very weak. 
    I have been trying my hardest to help him strengthen them, Emilyn is also very good now & pulling him up & him walking round whilst holding her hands.

    We had a break through this weekend (23/02/13) Hugo was able to stand for a few seconds. 
    This may seem like nothing for you. But its Huge for us, Just as it was Huge when Hugo crawled & pulled him self up using the sofa.

    These to me are giant milestones. Hugo thought it was hilarious & kept saying "again, again" 

    I know on average a baby can walk from 9months - 18months. I would be lying to say i'm 100% not worried Hugo isn't walking yet. But Hey perhaps he is just a lazy late walker put the Talipes to the side... 
    I also know he will get there, he will walk one day. 
    I can't rush him.
    & its a huge improvement that he can bare weight on his legs.

    Hugo laughing whilst trying to stand unaided

    Perhaps the next time I Update on Hugo he might be walking?
    I'm happy he is showing progress.

    A Vomiting Child...

    It's 12:30am on Sunday 24th February
    I am dealing with my first ever full on toddler Vomiting Bug it's Horrific.
    I find sick bugs the worst & I'm a grown up watching my 3 year old daughter vomiting is awful.
    It started at 10 & since then it's been fierce. Every 10 or so minutes Emilyn asks for her drink instead of actually wanting her drink its a sign she will be vomiting within the next few moments...Que. me getting the bucket ready!!! Obviously I wasn't so prepared at 10pm when she woke up asking for me & proceeding to vomit all over the carpet & then all over the bathroom floor. ^%#%**

    It's now 1am
    I now have two sickly babies on my lap ; as I was typing this - I am on my iPhone I heard Hugo gagging then Vomiting too - I ran upstairs to find him covered in vomit, Remind me again why I washed all the beds & his cot bumper today... It's all back in the wash. I burst in to tears well of course I did. I am exhausted & seeing my little people like this is the hardest thing. I wish I could take it all away...
    For Hugo he fights it as he's just 13months he hasn't a diddly clue what's going on pushing the bowl away screaming ...
    Emilyn still cries but can handle it better I tied her hair up so it doesn't get covered in sick ...
    I hate Vomiting Bugs. Don't you think my children have been poorly enough recently? Seriously !!
    We are all cuddled on the sofa with the log burner on & at the moment they both seem to be asleep but for how long? Emilyns been vomiting in her sleep. Urgh awful poor thing has no idea what's happening.
    I am very proud that she's telling me she needs the bucket now though,
    Even though she's being sick she's still being very polite, constantly thanking me for looking after her. Constantly saying sorry for being sick, she keeps asking if she's all done now & she wants the sick to go away. Honestly bless her far too cute,

    She keeps telling me how when she'll go to school she will tell all her teachers & friends about her being sick very dramatic I must say she seems very proud of her sickness, I think she's fed up with it now though. This was what she thought after the second time I think we are on 10+ times now... No understatement,

    Well happy Sunday... Today we had planned to take Emilyn to the cinema for the first time I doubt we will be going ahead with this now.

    Chicken Pox Party

    Chicken Pox parties? For or Against them?
    I for one am all for them.
    There has been an outburst at Pre-school over the last few weeks; most children that hadn't had it now has or is going through the pox stage now.
    Emilyn fortunately had Chicken Pox at 9 months old
    Emilyn with Chicken Pox
    I have been trying to get Hugo to get Chicken Pox for the last few months but whilst i was breastfeeding i presume i was keeping him immune from it.
    We had been surrounded by Chicken pox children over the last few weeks but still nothing.

    Well yesterday i was invited to a Chicken Pox party, I say party it was more a play date & a lovely day.
    The older Girls (they are the same age & go to preschool together) made faircakes They were amazing! very tasty! & the boys (who are the same age) played & shared their germs. The little boy had the Pox just coming out as his older sister just had it too.

    So i may come across mean by wanting Hugo to get Chicken Pox but i honestly think this age is the best age to get it, they aren't fully aware with whats going on. they wont scratch like they may if they were 3years or older... I had chicken pox as a 7 year old & i remember how awful it was, I still have scars from itching them. My own Mother had Chicken pox then & she was bed bound with it.
    In my eyes - fingers crossed i start seeing some Spots on him soon.
    I do dread him getting spotty feet though; could you imagine me trying to get his boots & bar on with spotty feet?

    What are your thoughts? Would you take your child to a Chicken Pox party? 

    5 simple steps to Make your own wand

    You need 5 main things - a straw. a piece of card (Can be shiny) Gems, Glue/Cellotape & Tinsel pipe cleaners.

    1. Cut the Card into a star.
    2. Cellotape the straw & the Star together 
    3. Decorate the star with Gems, Glitter Glue, 
    4. Curl your pipe cleaner around the straw.
    5. TA DA You are now a Princess with hours of entertainment!

    Fun for both GIRLS & BOYS!
    Emilyn kept turning me in to a frog!
    Hugo Loved it too & Kept pretending to turn Emilyn in to things.

    Alternatively you can buy
    Make your own wand kits... from as little as £1!

    YellowMoon  - £2.99 pack of 4
    Wilkinsons - £1
    Amazon - £2.84 Tiara & wand


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