Happy Easter -from our Animal Eggs

Happy Easter!! 
Today Emilyn & I decorated these Beautiful eggs.

This is our Bear made from Blue's egg. 

This is our Rabbit made from a Duck egg.

Emilyn enjoyed colouring in her egg.
This is our Frog made from a normal Chicken egg.

Emilyn putting her thumbs up to her egg animals 

I LOVE them - Super cute.

 Hope you all have a fantastic Easter & get lots of chocolate 

Our First EVER Dairy Free Cupcakes Easter Edition

Emilyn decorating her cakes *this is a face!
Today Emilyn, Hugo & I made Dairy Free Cupcakes.
Emilyn wanted to make Easter Cakes! 
Now Hugo can't have dairy & after i finally got around to doing our first every Dairy free shop i thought it would be a perfect time to test out just how yummy cake would be with a butter substitute.
The cakes taste delicious, really yummy! 

They look yummy still warm from the oven

Emilyn decorating the cakes

Our finished cakes

I think from now on i'll just buy Hugo's Dairy free butter. He can then eat anything we make.

Emilyn wanted to decorate them with micro eggs, jazzles & milk bottles, i'll have to remove them before Hugo gets his hands on them.

My Dairy Free Baby...

Hugo has always been Lactose Intolerant but we recently found out he shouldn't have Dairy too! 

This for me is a whole new world, I don't do diets I don't really know a lot about what food contains milk, butter, cheese... Or what's real cheese? Wotsits for example real cheese? Can Hugo eat them?
I decided to bite the bullet & go shopping for him. It was so difficult watching him keep saying 'please' to Emilyn whilst she ate a yogurt.
I went to Sainsburys as recommended by a mummy blogger... This for me was very overwhelming I honestly felt like crying... I couldn't find very much- WHAT WAS I LOOKING FOR? I asked a lady for dairy free yogurts & she took me to the Alpro ones I picked those for Hugo he's yet to try them though.
Next I needed butter well dairy free butter ... I'm going to try it & if its ok I will stop buying our Marge & stick to that then I can share with Hugo.
I eventually found some dairy free cheese too.
I think the thing I found the hardest was the searching normally I would be looking for the best buy this time I'm looking for dairy free & there really isn't much choice & it's all pretty expensive too.
We eventually came across the 'Free From' range I then felt a little better about it the choices was wide.
I got Hugo some chocolate. Also a gluten free dairy free Chocolate spread that I could use instead of dairylea.

We are awaiting a referral to see a dietitian that I'm sure will help me.
It will become second nature to me just a little shock to the system at the moment,

Emilyn's Easter Bonnet

Emilyn the morning of her school party

Our first EVER Easter Bonnet in fact...
we had so much fun making it.

We bought everything we needed from Sainsbury's... purely by chance as I was searching for 'Dairy Free' things For Hugo.
A whole other post on that coming up shortly.
The Hat was just £1 & a Box of goodies for £3 or 2 boxes for £5.
I got 2 boxes so next week we can decorate some eggs too.

Emilyn trying the Easter Bonnet on for size.

How cute is this chick.

Almost finished 
I have surprised myself with this; as i only found out yesterday that she needed a Easter Bonnet made for Pre-school next Thursday. I had no idea how i was going to do it!
Emilyn & I spent 3 hours putting it together on this snowy/rainy yucky Spring Saturday afternoon.
I made the flowers out of tissue paper

Cute Bunny i made.

Her Easter Bonnet.

Love My Bunny!!

Where are your eyes? 

Thats better she can see now!


We are ready for the Easter Bonnet Parade now.

Emilyn ready for school with her Easter bonnet on


New Home = Lets Eat CAKE !

Here we are outside our new Home which is semi built still not fully finished, But Baker Days was extremely generous to send me this beautiful cake to try.
It arrived earlier in the week....I had it done as a surprise for my Husband Michael. Its called a letter box  cake It arrived through my LETTER BOX! I was VERY excited when i saw the box on the floor. It arrived Perfectly; just like this ...

I chose to have the words... 'Congratulations Michael, Becky, Emilyn & Hugo' with a cute little house underneath.

I find it amazing that the cake survived the post & travelled all the way from Nottinghamshire, Its definitely still all in one piece!

It is a small cake but easily serves 5-6 people a reasonable portion. 

Hugo tucking in to the cake

He ate his 'Hugo' piece 

is that Yummy Hugo??
I think he's enjoying it! 


I enjoyed the Ginger Cake the icing was delicious & i don't normally like icing! 

Great served with a cup of tea.


The price of ordering one of these super cute Letter Box cakes is £14.99 I think its quite a good price considering i normally spend £25+ on flowers for people, This can be personalised & its Edible! WINNER!!

Baker Days offer Next Day Delivery if ordered before 2pm Monday - Friday & Free Delivery is available.

Emilyn giving it the Thumbs UP! 

Emilyn Eating her 'Emilyn' Piece of cake 

Believe me when i say moments later these plates were fully empty!
                                           Go & 'Like' their Facebook Page - Bakerdays
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                                                   Visit their webpage HERE

                                                      *I was sent a cake from Baker Days for this review. As usual, all opinions are my own*


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