Eco Living *Why Choose a Flat Pack House

Emilyn being nosey watching her home being built...

I have been SO behind at keeping you all update to our house build.
Apologies you can imagine how busy i have been.
We have the foundations done & we are awaiting the house to be delivered next TUESDAY!
Shall i explain why we have chosen to do a 'Flat Packed House?' this is the deal; we have been living back at my parents house for the past year we moved in with my parents when we found out Hugo had Bilateral Talipes, we needed the support family close for babysitting, ect ect.
we had planned to buy our own house in the area but the mortgage repayments would of been crazy as I'm not working.
My parents have a lot of land around their house (we have no neighbours) & live in the sussex countryside.
So our first choice was to build an annexe cottage in similar style as the cottage. But we just wouldn't of got planning permission for a brick built building.
My dad already has a rather large garage next to the house. & Mum recently had a pretty big Conservatory built at the end of the house.
So here we are looking at Flat Pack Builds. The Price of our new house is reasonable i wont disclose it... its cheaper than buying a 2 bedroom house around here anyway.

Plus Sides

  • It will be built within 3 months. It will be liveable.
  • It didn't need full planning permission believe it or not!
  • affordable living... minimal bills to go with it.
  • we will be able to live nicely with extra money to be spent on holidays or saving for the future.
  • we get to stay close to family but have our own space.
  • the children will have 3 acres of our own land to play run around in.
  • plus acres & acres of fields & woods to play in once they are older.. we simply couldn't afford anything like this at the present.
  • its pretty looking & will compliment the cottage with similar colourings.
  • We are having a 2 bedroom at the moment BUT will be able to extend when needed.
Here's a few pictures of the progress 

Week 1 - 5th March 2013



  1. Wow! How exciting! It's going to look amazing when you have finished! I would love to be able to do this- one day. Until then I will read your blog :D xxx

    1. Thank you Honey! we are getting the house delivered in pieces TOMORROW so watch out :) xxxx

  2. Oh wow, how exciting! I work in housing so will be very interested to read how this progresses through to the end, I have seen the Ikea ones which are awesome. S x

    1. ooo i will check out the IKEA ones now... i've heard about them but not seen any.
      thank you :) x

    2. Just checked the IKEA ones out... this is VERY similar xx :)



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