Emilyn's Easter Bonnet

Emilyn the morning of her school party

Our first EVER Easter Bonnet in fact...
we had so much fun making it.

We bought everything we needed from Sainsbury's... purely by chance as I was searching for 'Dairy Free' things For Hugo.
A whole other post on that coming up shortly.
The Hat was just £1 & a Box of goodies for £3 or 2 boxes for £5.
I got 2 boxes so next week we can decorate some eggs too.

Emilyn trying the Easter Bonnet on for size.

How cute is this chick.

Almost finished 
I have surprised myself with this; as i only found out yesterday that she needed a Easter Bonnet made for Pre-school next Thursday. I had no idea how i was going to do it!
Emilyn & I spent 3 hours putting it together on this snowy/rainy yucky Spring Saturday afternoon.
I made the flowers out of tissue paper

Cute Bunny i made.

Her Easter Bonnet.

Love My Bunny!!

Where are your eyes? 

Thats better she can see now!


We are ready for the Easter Bonnet Parade now.

Emilyn ready for school with her Easter bonnet on


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