'Mummy Nurse'

Good News we are finally HOME.
Hugo's Oxygen levels were ok enough to be discharged but we are not out of the woods yet.
He needs his inhalers every 4 hours even through out the night... it was like having a new born. I relied on the nurses too much at the hospital it seems. Well i didn't but you know what i mean.
the first night in hospital i must of had an hour or so sleep, every flitter i woke to. But the second night i was so tired & Hugo must of been too as they gave him his Nebulisers without waking him. i did wake up every time a nurse came in though...
Hugo's happy face when we were told we could go HOME!

we are back home & i am happy i really am. but I'm totally exhausted. It was amazing to see Emilyn we had the longest cuddle & to see Hugo's face when he saw her was incredible.
The last 24 hours has been a complete mix of emotions - yesterday morning i had no idea we would be home the same day! Hugo was still on the nebuliser & wheezing quite a lot.
But as his Oxygen levels had improved & they got him back on to the inhaler we got discharged.
Today's plan consist of cuddling my babies & watching film after film after film.
I would LOVE to sleep for a 100 hours but Emilyn has informed me that i can't even lay down until her daddy arrives home later tonight.
But this morning consisted of a deep clean of the house & caught up with clothes washing, I had Emilyn & Hugo crying all morning I have a steaming head ache & just ache, i supposed i am literally exhausted, Hugo still screams everytime he has to have his inhalers so that time of the day isn't nice.

He finally got some sleep... In the travel cot i put up in the lounge.

Hopefully from now both little people will carry on improving & life will be able to regain normality.

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