My Dairy Free Baby...

Hugo has always been Lactose Intolerant but we recently found out he shouldn't have Dairy too! 

This for me is a whole new world, I don't do diets I don't really know a lot about what food contains milk, butter, cheese... Or what's real cheese? Wotsits for example real cheese? Can Hugo eat them?
I decided to bite the bullet & go shopping for him. It was so difficult watching him keep saying 'please' to Emilyn whilst she ate a yogurt.
I went to Sainsburys as recommended by a mummy blogger... This for me was very overwhelming I honestly felt like crying... I couldn't find very much- WHAT WAS I LOOKING FOR? I asked a lady for dairy free yogurts & she took me to the Alpro ones I picked those for Hugo he's yet to try them though.
Next I needed butter well dairy free butter ... I'm going to try it & if its ok I will stop buying our Marge & stick to that then I can share with Hugo.
I eventually found some dairy free cheese too.
I think the thing I found the hardest was the searching normally I would be looking for the best buy this time I'm looking for dairy free & there really isn't much choice & it's all pretty expensive too.
We eventually came across the 'Free From' range I then felt a little better about it the choices was wide.
I got Hugo some chocolate. Also a gluten free dairy free Chocolate spread that I could use instead of dairylea.

We are awaiting a referral to see a dietitian that I'm sure will help me.
It will become second nature to me just a little shock to the system at the moment,


  1. I'm afraid it can be a little bit daunting to begin with. I'm afraid Wotsits are off the list, as are any other cheese flavoured items, unless they're Vegan or Free From. I take it that no one has given you a list about what to avoid if you're dairy free?I posted about it a while ago:

    You may also find some posts I wrote about dairy alternatives useful, you can find them by following the links on this page:

    If it seems a little daunting at first, don't worry! It does get a whole lot easier as time goes by. :)

    1. thank you SO much!! they'll help me loads xxx



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