My Flat Pack Home Is being erected TODAY

Emilyn on the decking

Emilyn & Hugo sitting on our walls... we will never again be able to do this. :)

As I type I can hear the work men outside... on any other day i would find it annoying & irritating Today though is a totally different story....
This is the story of my Flat Pack Home.
Brought to you By ME BusyBee.... 
Brought to me By Homelodge.
Our house being delivered this morning 8 am

Why we chose Homelodge
We took weeks & months of deciding where & what company to go with. 
We tallied it down to two Companies of which we liked the look of both lodges & they seemed quite similar in price. 
We arranged a Free Quotation & site meetings all the way back in July 2012, As Mic is at work a lot, I was the one to do all the meetings (With the little people) it was chaos i wont lie.
We had our first appointment with a Company *I wont name* as I found the site manager cold & in a rush... he didn't ask any major questions as to how many bedrooms, or our price limit, I just didn't warm to him. 
We had the quote & it was well over priced & just not what we had imagined...

This is our plot of land very long but thin.

We then had Homelodge round & after the first Company i was a little apprehensive to say the least.
But it was a wonderful meeting, The Owner was fabulous & we had the afternoon talking about what we needed as a family, we looked at the land where we wanted the build & it all seemed perfect.
It took a good few months to get the ball rolling & we changed the layout round a few times.
They are based down in Winchester so we visited the site a few times & had a look at their Showhome lodge.... I suppose it does look a bit like fancy expensive shed/garden room. 
believe me it is much more than this... the benefits of the lodge specially Eco living is amazing & cost of heating a year should be under £500 easily.
We have literally picked everything ourselves down to positioning of light switches & plug points, The kitchen is fully picked by us & we have gone with a lovely breakfast bar i the middle of the kitchen, 
Do I sound excited? I totally am! This is i suppose a bit of a dream come true for us. 
It takes just 8 hours to get the house up (basic) no windows or doors but the structure will be up.
Mic will have a shock when he gets home from work as it just looked like this...

Floor being delivered 
The floor being delivered
We took the little people out to see the Build coming together.
Sitting on our walls... we will never be able to do this again 19/03/13

We have progress...
The floor is almost down
The floor is almost down

We have More Progress 2pm ...
we have WALLS!...

Not many more walls to go 3:30pm

The Walls are done! 

The workmen are off home now till tomorrow.
DAY 2 is here
& some major progress has happened...

The roof being delivered. 20/03/13

The roof being delivered 

Emilyn having a look at her new home. 
The walls on the inside have been put up.
The roof struts have been put up
Heres a piece of the roof.
we have the ROOF going on! 20/03/13
UPDATE 21/03/13 we are looking more 'homely' with a roof & Porch!

  The roof has been almost fully finished we now have Windows too! WorkMen back Monday....

We are 3 Weeks in & we have a fully finished roof! - 25/03/13
Today the builders are doing drainage connections & some work inside the house.

April 2nd -- edging done & drain pipes being put up 

10th April

18th April 

23rd April 2013 


Emilyn on the decking 

Hugo on the Decking

The view from our kitchen/lounge

my DOORS ARRIVED!!!!! 24/04/13


Want to know whats happening on the inside???... Take a look here my flat pack home inside
Can YOU believe we have been living here a month?? Take a look here 1 month in our flat pack home

Homelodge are on Facebook! look here ! 


  1. How exciting! I look forward to seeing it when fully erected
    Hannah xx

    1. Thank you i will make sure to keep the blog updated with changes :) xxx

  2. How exciting! Hope all goes well, looking forward to the next house instalment on here! Xxx

    1. still feel like its a blurry dream! :) thanks sweet, i'm good at the updating :) xx

  3. exciting we looked at a flat pack home too, so interested to see how you get on

    1. So exciting!! :) Thank you so far so good its all going swimmingly smoothly x

  4. No way, this is awesome!!

    lotte xo



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