My Girl needs Glasses - there I said it.

Emilyn wearing her new glasses
In case you are new to my blog... catch up the on goings here Through eyes of toddler glasses
I'm sure you are more than aware of how much i want to say 'bad luck' we have had recently. like seriously i couldn't make it up if i tried.!

So today we travelled to Bogner Regis *Home of the Famous Butlins Holiday Park I also found out... I've never been. should i?

I try to be positive about appointments i really do but i had a sinking feeling with today. I can't put my finger on it. All i no is that if i found out Emilyn had 'bad' eyes i think it would be my breaking point.
I honestly feel like shouting 'do you want to throw anything else at me?'

We got to the appointment early & Emilyn had already had her eye drops in so her pupils were nice & big, The lady was ready for her to go straight in,
She sat on my lap & we spoke briefly about why we are here today & explained it started off 2 years ago as we thought Emilyn had a squint in her eye.

It turns out she hasn't got a squint so thats good news.

ahh i want to say Bad news is that; but is it bad news? its for the best at the moment...Emilyn needs glasses, she's long sighted - I am totally new to this & don't totally understand the long or short sightedness. But i am under the impression that long sighted is rare for a child? She is worse in her left eye but her right is bad too.
Neither is horrendously bad & they are hoping that if she wears glasses now they may improve be able to stop wearing them in the future...
If they don't improve they'll try her with eye patches.
I have a million questions & things going on in my head.

  • The main question is how the heck am i going to get her to wear them? 
  • I know as much as any mother no one or anything can make a 3 year old do/wear anything. 
  • I don't wear glasses so i can't even do the line "you'll snap mummy" unless i buy a pair with just glass to start with ?
  • Also can she take them off if she's playing? 
  • Rough & tumble games with her brother; he may be just 14 months old but believe me they already play rough!... I'll be hearing 'MUMMY Hugo kicked my glasses!!'
  • Or 'MUMMY Hugo HAS my glasses' Hugo has a real love for glasses TYPICAL...

I have surprised myself a little a very little. I feel a little better about it all.
Emilyn chose her own glasses she picked some pretty blue ones, She loves them & thats all that matters i suppose. She loves them so much so that she was very put out that she couldn't take them there & then. We've got to go back in 10-12 days to collect them.
Then back to the hospital after that to check them & her eyes again & to order more glasses (a spare pair)

The next time you see a photo of Emilyn she will probably have her new specs on....

On the plus side I have exciting pictures of our new House to put up over on - My flat pack home keep your eyes peeled. 

Getting some FABULOUS ideas...
The Peppa Pig story of going to get Peppa glasses & having an eye test.

Telling Emilyn the Glasses will make her into a fairy princess :)


  1. Oh hun, she looks super cute!

    My friends son recently got glasses and he was ok wearing them because his dad also wore glasses... she told him it made him smarter and everyone made a big deal about how grown up they look :)

    1. Thank you
      today i am SO much better about it :)
      she can't wait to have them.
      I think mIc & i will have to get some pretend ones to wear around her so she feels the same still. xx

  2. My sister was long sighted in one eye and wore glasses and a patch when she was Emilyn's age. There is something SO cute about little ones in glasses I think! Anyway, she eventually had horrid NHS ones as they broke so often but Mum stuck with it and really made her wear them (especially the patches) and then when she was about 12 she was tested and didn't need them anymore - just in time for puberty! Worth sticking too - just like the Ponsetti boots. Good luck and I think she looks totally adorable in them!

    1. thank you! she is very excited about collecting them now :) xx



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