Our First EVER Dairy Free Cupcakes Easter Edition

Emilyn decorating her cakes *this is a face!
Today Emilyn, Hugo & I made Dairy Free Cupcakes.
Emilyn wanted to make Easter Cakes! 
Now Hugo can't have dairy & after i finally got around to doing our first every Dairy free shop i thought it would be a perfect time to test out just how yummy cake would be with a butter substitute.
The cakes taste delicious, really yummy! 

They look yummy still warm from the oven

Emilyn decorating the cakes

Our finished cakes

I think from now on i'll just buy Hugo's Dairy free butter. He can then eat anything we make.

Emilyn wanted to decorate them with micro eggs, jazzles & milk bottles, i'll have to remove them before Hugo gets his hands on them.

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