Swimming Fun

This weekend Mic was working & i have had enough of doing nothing on our weekends. We are always hectic all week so i do like a relax & chill for a small part of the weekend.
Well my Little People LOVE swimming this is not an understatement their faces light up when they see a swimming pool. But i am a terrible mother & we haven't been swimming since our last Family holiday last November.
Its tough when i have two small little people who are very dependant on me in the swimming pool. So i always need an extra pair of hands. Que. My Mother's help!
We had a lovely Saturday & they love spending time with their Nanna. Perfect.

Emilyn ready to go swimming

Hugo ready to go swimming

Hugo ready to go swimming

Emilyn trying to blow up her *swimbands

Mummy & Hugo ready to go swimming

I knew Hugo enjoyed swimming splashing about - I think this is extra special as when he was a newborn he was restricted to weekly baths due to his casts, so it had always worried me that he would hate water.
I really wish i was allowed to take photos of him splashing around. He didn't even want me to hold him he wanted to go all on his own.
Emilyn had her armbands on *she calls them SwimBands* I like that name. But she wasn't very confident whilst wearing them if she couldn't touch the floor. So i asked if Hugo could wear them & he had a ball of a time.
We all laughed hysterically. Hugo was in his element.

I now of course have the Mothers guilt syndrome : I should be taking them swimming more.
So i now Vow that whilst Emilyn goes to Preschool I will be taking Hugo swimming once a week. I think it will do him wonders.

The First ever time Hugo went swimming was when he was 17 weeks old & we only stayed in the water about 20 minutes, He loved it though. Look how chubby he was. Cutie!

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