Top That Book Review

I have been fortunate enough to review these two beautiful books, perfect for my little Book Worm...

Emilyn is now 3 & half & she just can't get enough of books, she has a huge pile of them beside her bed, for her bedtime story. She gets to chose two each night. No doubt these two will become firm favourite.
We decided to read 'Chloe Cow' first Written by Gordon Volke. 

Emilyn holding the book.
Emilyn found this book magical, The fact that i could or she could put her hand in the cows mouth was extremely amusing to her... we had a giggle for a long time whilst Chloe the Cow kept trying to tickle her...
shall i get on & tell you a brief bit about this lovely lively book?
Well Chloe Cow gets Hungry & wonders off into the Park...where the grass looked greener... But the Park keeper sees her & gets shooed out. Emilyn thought the park keeper was rather funny.
she then tried to eat the tennis grass no guessing what happens then...
Its a fun story thats long enough to keep the children entertained.

This Book retails at £6.99

We then read 'Little Ronnie and Magic the Horse' Written by Peter Shaw.
this is a longer book with beautiful illustrations by Daniel Howarth

Emilyn Loves her new book.
This really is a Magical little book... Emilyn loved the rhyming with it & kept repeating lines after me.
A brief bit about the book; Ronnie never thought that 'Magic' his horse would ever be actually Magic... until he took a ride on his stallion & Magic the horse was actually a Magic horse!
a brilliant story for any little boy or girl to hear.

Looking at the wonderful pictures

she loves it.

                   This Book Retails at £5.99

*I was sent these books from Top That book publisher for this review. As usual, all opinions are my own*


  1. Glad you enjoyed my book Emilyn. Thanks for the lovely review!
    Peter Shaw

    1. Thank you! She adores your book & wants it read to her twice at bedtime every night :) x



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