Beautiful Kitchen things - For my new Kitchen

As I'm watching my house get closer & closer to being completed, I am obsessing. You hear about Bridezilla's? the crazy Brides to be who want everything just PERFECT? Well i wonder if my husband thinks I am behaving like this? 
I love it
I have a strong eye in what I want. What I think looks LOVELY! What I know looks GREAT!
My kitchen will be the heart of my house. 
Kitchens are where everyone congregates.
My new Kitchen will be a mixture between Very Modern & old Shabby Chic i think i can mix it well.
 Here are my new Tea, Sugar & Coffee jars. I simply LOVE them. Unfortunately this isn't my new Kitchen. That will be impossible considering my kitchen is in bits & still in its boxes!
My kitchen! 

I love Cath Kidston & Love my giant coffee/tea mugs.

My recycled Glasses 

Cath Kidston mugs & mug stand -
Let me start to explain mug stands - I feel so totally lost about what mug stand to buy! My kitchen will be White with wooden side boards.

I did find this little Beauty! - John Lewis its by Sebastian Conran £40
I am unsure what it will look like though? with mugs on?

Heart Tea jar £3 
I LOVE my Sugar & Coffee Jars just £4.99 each

My new Habitat Plastic Cups i love that they look like flimsy cups from a water dispenser 

Now shall I talk Kitchen Roll holders? how old do I sound? I'm actually REALLY excited about such small simple things!!
I bet you never knew a kitchen holder could be so STYLISH! it is quite expensive at £50 though Wesco Kitchen Roll holder

OK my new Obsession is the lovely JOSEPH JOSEPH & they havent failed to keep my obsession going look at this Kitchen Roll holder!...

 Joseph Joseph kitchen roll holder only £25!
My Joseph Joseph obsession carries on through their whole range & i would quite happily have majority of my Kitchen Josephy

I have now come across this too looks amazing! & just £19! Koziol Roger
I in fact love everything on this page - John Lewis Home I love the mixture of new modern & old shabby chic I especially love Trading Wooden Bottle holder John Lewis you have stolen my heart!

Find exciting Updates of the House build HERE & HERE

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  1. Love your storage jars & nice to see a fellow Cath Kidston fan,I have all those mugs too!
    Have you come across Pip Studio? I did just by chance & I'am in love with their lovely things I have just bought a few of their storage jars to use for Sugar/Tea/Coffee-can't wait to use them in our new home :-) x



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