Emilyn's Eye Patch

Today we had Emilyn's eye check up at Chichester Hospital. 
We had good news for once!
Emilyn's eyes are already showing signs of improvement! 
Brilliant isn't it! 
Typical countryside living - stuck behind a Horse & trap & then stuck behind a tractor !
Hugo fell asleep with his sunglasses on & Emilyn was reading in the car. 
walking through the Hospital 
Although her Left eye hasn't gotten any worse its not got any better either so she has to wear an eye patch for 1-2 hours a day & see how it goes...

Emilyn picking out her eye patch 

Soo many to choose from!

Hugo being as good as gold.
She picked a pretty pink one with cupcakes on

Emilyn trying on her new patch..
 I'm feeling OK about it all. Its funny I think after how upset i got about her needing glasses last time....
We are all so used to her wearing them now. I think she looks bare without them now!
But she does still have days that she struggles to wear them. Now she has to wear a patch to strengthen her eye, She is not impressed at all! Just hope we aren't taking a step backwards...
My lovely Sister did send Emilyn an amazing book called Arlo needs glasses & Honestly its totally changed the way Emilyn thinks about her glasses. since she got it, she has worn them everyday!

After the hospital we stopped off at Sainsbury's for some lunch. its funny the routines you find yourself getting into, when we are visiting Hospitals SO much! 
When we go to chichester Hospital we end up always popping into Home sense & Sainsburys
& when we go to Guildford Hospital i always end up getting a costa & going to Tescos 
Emilyn enjoying her lunch bag 

Emilyn in Specsavers picking her new glasses...
We popped into our local Town after hospital to pick up Emilyn a new pair of glasses. She chose a pink/purple Hello Kitty pair. They are VERY cute! we will collect them next week. She also got to choose a pair of sunglasses on prescription too.

Emilyn watching 102 Dalmatians wearing her patch
Emilyn wearing her patch whilst watching a film.


  1. Oh, your lucky you got the fabric one. Aled was given the plaster type ones, which has given him an eye infection. :-( Emilyn looks gorgeous in hers. xx

    1. oh no Jackie thats no good. :( how long does Aled need to wear them for? xxx Thanks you



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