Hugo has his Physio Tomorrow Nerves are kicking in!!

  • That sickly feeling in the bottom of my stomach?........? Check!
  • That nervous feeling that my stomach is tying in knots? Check!
  • a complete NERVOUS WRECK!...............................? Check!

Hugo has his check up at hospital every 3 months. At his last check up we didn't get good news. His feet had in fact Over corrected... yep i couldn't believe it. 
This was the LAST thing i was expecting... Relapse possibly. but to be too corrected? I was in shock more than anything. So tomorrow is a huge day for us. 
Hugo did however take his First steps on his own whilst we were on holiday in Norfolk. But since hasn't even attempted to take any more.
I was also worried after he had taken them, as His leg didn't walk 'right' it kind of looked like a pretend leg. it's difficult to explain if you haven't seen it...
As any Mummy with a child with Talipes we all get nervous, on our support board Happy Feet Talipes, I see time after time Mummy's writing how nervous they are for their little ones appointment, Its amazing just how supportive we all are & rally round to try to ease the nerves. They feel like my little Happy feet family. 

I'll hopefully be able to update with good news tomorrow.

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