Hugo's feet are still 'over Corrected'

walking to the Hospital with our Quinny Moodd    
Hugo eating his lunch waiting to be seen.

Emilyn drawing with the lovely volunteer we see every time on our visits.

Today we went for Hugo's 3 monthly as you are probably aware *if you follow my blog that Hugo didn't have a very good check up last time.
well today didn't go much better. His feet are still 'over corrected' & actually gotten worse & not better.
I always feel like i'm about to burst in to tears when my physio is talking to me, you know when they go quiet & they start looking at Hugo's feet into more depth then talk between themselves. That!
the nerves niggling at me, i'm pleaded to myself that they tell me some good news.
Well the good news is that Hugo's feet are great! no sign of relapse. Still no need at the moment for a tenotamy.
Bad news is that his feet although being over corrected isn't as bad as relapsing is still not good news.
His chances of walking fully whilst they are still this over corrected are slim.
His legs are like jelly. & his Hip is very turned out.
The physio said it was difficult as they have turned his boots more inwards but of course they can't turn them much more inwards otherwise the chances of relapse could greaten.
It's so tough to think how much is this the Talipes & how much is his Hyper-mobility or is it just this bad as they are together?
They also noted how he sits. I can't stress enough that the W position that he sits like is not a great way for babies to sit but really only a problem as Hugo's feet are over corrected...
He always sits both legs curled under so feet facing outwards.
Or he sits like this with one leg curled backwards, you can see his foot is sideways this is how his feet normally look.

They've told me i need to start teaching him to sit properly. training him to put his legs outwards instead. I can see this being a tough challenge. I have had a lot of Mums telling me how their hyper mobile child is sitting in the W position & no one has queried it.... It really is doing Hugo no favours with his feet being over corrected, we all must remember just how different all of our Talipes babies are...

Its not the fact Hugo is hyper mobile to why he isn't walking although it's not helping. especially as he is Hyper mobile in his hip too so this is swinging his leg out further * again the W position is not helping.
His feet are OVER CORRECTED this means his feet are now facing backwards more than inwards.

We've been told to go back once Hugo is walking so once he can walk from one side of the lounge to the other, or if he's still not walking in 3 months we will be going back on the 8th August.
When Hugo starts to walk he well need to wear Pedro boots or similar to help support his feet.

On our way out of the Hospital i always treat myself to a Costa. Naughty mummy. today has been lovely & hot so i got a coffee cooler instead.
Walking home with the Coffee cooler in my new cup holder ! :) 
 We also stopped off at the park to enjoy the sun some more...
Hugo enjoying the park.
 I'm feeling a little deflated. I kind of expected the worst, but had hope for better news. Positive thinking will get us through.
 The sunshine is definitely helping me feel happier. I'm currently sat outside writing this blog post whilst the babies play.

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