I am one of the new Quinny Casters for 2013

A little while ago I was looking at my homepage on Facebook when I spotted Quinny advertising applications for new Casters! 
I thought lets give this ago. Emilyn was at Pre-school & Hugo having his nap. Perfect gives me just enough time to tell Quinny why I thought I should be in their Programme.
In short terms as I can't remember word to word; I explained how much My family & I like extreme walks in crazy weather conditions, We use our buggy all the time, its like a life line for us. Hugo is way too heavy to be carried or use a baby carrier & still not fully walking... How much i am a buggy enthusiast, I have lost count the amount of buggies i have had. We are off to Miami in June & I would of loved to take their Quinny with us. I must of waffled on & on. (Sorry Quinny if i did) 
Well I must of said something right... As whilst on holiday in Norfolk i was astounded, shocked, amazed, when i received an email saying
"I have great pleasure in informing you that you have been chosen to be one of our QuinnyCasters." 

I actually let out a little Squeal of absolute delight! I will be testing out the Quinny Moodd in Red Revolution, Over the next year Hugo & I will be putting this little beauty through its paces around the one & only Beautiful Brighton.

I've been told i should expect delivery by the 17th April... thats less than a week away! With my new house being almost built i feel like a little girl the night before Christmas!

How Lucky am i!! What a Privilege! And amazing opportunity. I am beyond EXCITED!!!

The new Quinny Casters and I will be found HERE

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