Kids Fashion Weekend

a few of Hugo's Ralph Lauren clothes, A few of Emilyn's Chloe & D&G Clothes, A bit of Their Wardrobe. 

News Flash! News in is that Fashion isn't just for adults... Fashion has officially arrived for Babies & Children. We are now celebrating & embracing baby fashion!

How excited was I to find Kids Fashion Weekend,
As you may be aware I am a big Designer/Fashion fan & when I had my babies I passed my love of clothes on to them take a look at my post - My designer babies & I I have had a lot of negative feedback about the way I love to dress my little fashionista's so i was over the moon to hear about KFW & the thought of meeting other Mums who share my love for baby fashion, it's making me as giddy as a little girl before she struts her stuff down a children's catwalk!


I contacted the lovely Candace Cherelle & asked her a few questions about KFW 

1) Who are you? Can I have a brief back round story?

I am Candace Cherelle, a mother, fashion stylist and CEO of Kids Fashion Weekend. I'm based in Birmingham, and have a great passion for fashion! 
I started working as a freelance Personal Stylist in 2007, my jobs took me around the world; from styling models at New York Fashion Week, to working backstage at local fashion events in Birmingham. I began to gain loads of interest in my styling services when I launched my Styling School. They ranged from Personal Shopping for clients, to styling young ladies for birthday parties. 
Although my experience was mainly with women, my interest started to defer to children and babies after giving birth to my daughter in 2010. I was dressing a mini-me every day and I loved it. What I hated was the amount of clothes I had thrown away in the first year! I bought both high end brands, and high street labels but the cost was still ongoing. Many people asked me how they could look good on a budget and wondered where I shopped for my daughter. This led me to start planning Kids Fashion Weekend; Birmingham's first fashion event solely for children. I wanted to give something to new and existing moms, as well as creating a fun packed day for the kids. Kids Fashion Weekend has attracted many high street and designer brands from all over the world and I cannot wait to show everybody what we have put together.

2) Oh wow that sounds like my Dream job! 
I saw all about Global Kids Fashion week, The children are adorable. 
Did this inspire you to do Kids Fashion Weekend?Or were you part of GKFW?

I wasn't part of GKFW but I really wish I was! I had been invited by a friend who thought that I needed to go and see what was happening at the show. I was so amazed and inspired by the show and the adorable children, I decided to move KFW forward to June instead of September when it was originally planned for. It was incredible to see such amazing brands being showcased by these little beautiful people.

3) So you are already in the fashion industry?

Yes I am a Fashion Stylist and Tutor. I run my own courses and workshops globally and also teach fashion styling at the London College of Contemporary Arts! I love my job.

4) I really love Baby/Children fashion & would love this to become a regular yearly thing; Do you think it has the potential too? I really hope it does!

So glad to hear that! We are definitely going to be holding KFW annually, and if all goes well next year we will be hosting it twice a year! We have already had emails from companies in Spain who would love us to launch over there. There is so many places we could go with this...

5) That sounds amazing, I'd love to be part of the one in Spain, This has so much potential!
Are you still looking for baby/children Catwalk models?  

90% of our models our from Spotlight Stage School. We have opened our doors to the whole of the UK now and are looking for a few more babies and children's to walk (or crawl) the runway. We are having an open day on the 28th April, at PlayPod, where we will be meeting up with children and parents who want to take part.

6) If so want are the age ranges?

We would love some more younger babies age 0-2 as we have a new baby brand launching at the show who focus on that age range with their new collection.

7) Do the children need to have any special requirements?

All we ask for is confidence, excitement, politeness and fun children! We are so lucky to have so many of them already. They do not need any modelling experience.

8) Are you doing Kids Fashion Weekend to raise money for any special cause?

Lets put fashion aside and focus on what is important…

 Kids Fashion Weekend is aimed at young people aged between 2 and 16. We have been in support of various charities and this event is proud to be fund raising for Kids with Cancer and the Birmingham Children's Hospital. As a stylist, I have always donated money to charities, especially children's charities. KFW is so excited to be supporting such amazing causes. Not all children are the same, and we respect that and embrace it. However, they are all beautiful and so talented in their own way; the children are the future.

9) Thats SO great! & finally are you still looking for Sponsors?
Yes we are!! If you are reading this, please sponsor us. We have so many sponsorship options such as gift bag placements, or hiring a stall to exhibit your brand. Full details can be found on our website at

I am Super Super Excited about KFW if you want to get involved - KFW will run for 2 days, hosting one show to the public: 

25TH JULY: KFW Launch and Press Conference
26th JULY! : Occasion wear & Play wear, Holiday wear and Party wear

One of my favourite Chloe Jumpers... I know the tags still on. 

Emilyn dressed in head to toe Chloe

Baby UGGs

Ralph Lauren Snow Suit

a few of Hugo's Ralph Lauren tops/shoes & Missoni Blanket

Emilyn's Vivienne Westood Melissa Shoes, Her Links of London Jewellery.
Mummy & daughter matching Vivienne Westwood Shoes.
Hugo wearing Stella McCartney top, Diesel Jeans & Ralph Lauren shoes.

Emilyn wearing a beautiful Stella McCartney Dress

If you want to buy tickets take a look here prices start from just £12 for an Adult.
Are you on Twitter ? Go & Follow @KidsFshnWkend


  1. Yay I'm so happy to hear you are going too! That is brilliant.
    what day are you going Hun? Please say 7th :) - we are staying over night & seeing the sights on Sat.
    You brining your Quinny haha :P

    Lotte xo

    1. Yes! we will be there on the 7th June :)
      We will be bring the Moodd too ;)
      Will be so lovely to meet you :) xx



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