My Dairy & wheat Free Baby???

wow Its all non stop here at the moment. Hugo is still not getting much better, We have now decided after a visit to the doctors yesterday that we should try to cut out wheat & see if this helps the little guy.
He was improving with taking away all Dairy food. Although as i'm still learning about it all there were a few slip ups.
but he is still not at his original weight, & still having more than 5+ dirty yucky nappies a day, especially after his breakfast cereal, sandwiches ect ect.
I suppose its all trial & error at the moment.
I'm just feeling a bit lost with it all.
definitely feels like one thing after another. I am pretty much sick & tired of people asking "hows Hugo?" I've started just saying yeah he's ok!!
bored of talking about it, bored of the sympathy,
I DON'T KNOW ANY TRUE ANSWERS yet! We are off to see our main consultant on May 1st. So hopefully i'll know more then.

Hugo is still struggling with his asthma too & has now got Croup. He sounds like a doggy. honestly every cough sounds horrendously painful. My poor baby.
I've been told to keep a close eye on him. Keeping on top of his inhalers, & steaming the bathroom up.

I wonder if the asthma could be connected to the dairy & wheat allergies? I presume it can?


  1. We are on a dairy, wheat & gluten free diet with Hayden. It's helped his eczema & we have been referred to an allergy clinic so hopefully we will know more too. No asthma here *touch wood* but keeping a close eye on him for that. It's hard & scary especially when it comes to feeling our little ones. Here if you need to talk or to get a bit of advice - I'm not an expert but I am more then happy to help hun :)

    Lotte xo

    1. thank you honey, thats good to no. it's good to be able to talk to other mums going through it. Twitter is good to find out things :)



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