I'm in the 'Quinny Moodd' for an Unpacking party!!

I LOVE this picture of his chubby hands 

My Red Revolution arrived this morning! I felt like a little girl the night before Christmas!
official Quinny Caster 2013 Moodd
I stood staring at the Quinny Box... thinking 'shall i unpack now & record it all on the camera? or shall I wait till Emilyn's home from school & Hugo's awake from his nap?' Well the excitment got the better of me.
Before I knew it I had taken all the Beautiful Quinny parts out of the box.
The Quinny Moodd in pieces on the floor
I looked at them all over the floor, set my camera up & started to put the Moodd together. I must admit I am normally awful & I don't read instructions much but as I was recording myself & I had no clue what I was doing...I did use the instruction manual.
The Instructions were great, I just kept forgetting to look at them. So I did make myself look a bit wally like.
Whilst putting the Moodd together Hugo woke up. Typical. Although this task did say 'Unpacking Party' I should of had both babies with me & all my Mummy friends over to join in. I love a good party!
I've got to admit the Quinny was good to put together. no stress at all. I did struggle with the hood. *But i didn't read the instructions! After I read them I fitted it perfectly! The Moodd was fully put together in no time at all!

Hugo was very eager to get into his new ride. I got his Maxi Cosi Pebble car seat & attached that. It was as easy as 1,2,3,4! I pushed Hugo around in it for a while. Just around the House! Until we had to go to collect Emilyn from school,
When she got home I showed her my new I mean Hugo's new Moodd! Her first words were 'How Cool is this' she's 3 & a half years old. She was very impressed!
She kept saying "Look Hugo Look at your new Buggy! Is that your new buggy baby!"
The sun then came out. Perfect to take The Quinny Moodd for a little stroll. We live next to fields & woods. Great for testing out the Moodd!
Hugo seemed to love his new ride. Smiling, no whinging, Like he can do, specially with us being outside & as he can't walk he sometimes crawls around the garden. As you can imagine he gets covered in mud....a shower or bath is needed straight away. well today he was so happy & content to just stay sitting in his new Buggy watching his big sister play with her cars/sand/playhouse ect ect.
Hugo, Emilyn & I give the Quinny Moodd a huge THUMBS UP!
Where's the Quinny?

Sibling Love

Quinny Moodd


Ok so this is my VERY FIRST vlog... Video Blog - I haven't done my hair, I have Very minimal make up on & I look scruffy as hell... hey ho I'm putting together a Quinny Moodd not walking down a Catwalk! ....

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