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Bugaboo Brigade 

Bugaboo Brigade. The perfect Buggy for 3 children! (Please note I only have 2 children) - Yes I got my Andy Warhol Hood! All Black Bugaboo Bee Plus.

Bugaboo is the Ultimate A-List Buggy it seems.
I was reading the Daily Mail this morning & came across this -
'Kate joins the Bugaboo Brigade
Word has it that Kate Middleton has bought the Bugaboo Cameleon in Blue Jazz! I wonder if that means she's having a boy ...
Blue Jazz Kate Middleton's New Buggy?

This worries me as I wanted to buy the Yellow Jazz for my black bee! Eeek I better order it now before it sells out! But maybe I shouldn't buy it?

So what makes a buggy become a Celebrity 'thing to have' is it the company handing out Bugaboo's to these said celebrities or is it just a bloody good buggy to have?

**After correspondents with Bugaboo themselves they have said they have not given Princess Kate a Bugaboo... it is just a Very good buggy to buy. Thank YOU Bugaboo for clearing this up**

I also after owning 6 or so Bugaboo's myself I know just what a good pushchair they are!
What makes Bugaboo Buggies SO POPULAR? Is it the fact that the Celebs have them?...

For me with my first i researched & researched for the BEST BUGGY.
We chose the Quinny Buzz 4 first & it was love at first sight. My husband may of loved it more than i did ... he may of even shed a few tears once we sold it... we had bought Red & I had a daughter i wanted pink & i wanted the Bugaboo Cameleon Pink. Off we went & bought a second hand pink bugaboo. This was back in 2009. So there wasn't that many Bugaboo's around my area in Sussex. When we moved to London I felt right at home & every where we looked you would of seen a Bugaboo. Limited Bugaboo, Red Edition, Gecko's, Frogs, Cameleons, Bee's. I was in my element. Walking round Kingston was like Bugaboo heaven.
My love for Bugs escalated from then...
I would say I have a slight obsession over Bugaboo buggies. You may of come across my last post Is that a Bugaboo Review it was a very popular post. I get a nagging feeling telling me I NEED this Bugaboo!
Or did you do a lot of research & found any one who owned a Bugaboo never had a bad word to say about them?

Since writing that post & buying the Missoni Fabrics I am now in need of the new Andy Warhol I love the white hood with Cars print but at £99 for just a hood it is a bit steep. I have a good Friend who also loves Bugaboo & we've said we can go halves & then share it for 6 months of a year. I think a contract will have to be printed. 

Folded Bugaboo bee plus

Snug in his bug 

Missoni Bugaboo bee plus

All black bugaboo bee plus
Women do it for designer handbags. So why not a Buggy hood?

*Since Typing this blog post up I have since bought my Andy Warhol hood. It needed to be done. It was selling out EVERYWHERE! I got the last one from John Lewis. I Love it!.

Bugaboo Brigade All Black Bee with Andy Warhol Hood

So again I ask... what makes Bugaboo an A-listers Buggy?
Like my Bas Kosters Bugaboo yes its white! Yes it gets Muddy- Yes i wash it & its CLEAN again.
Bugaboo Bas Kosters 

Bas Kosters Bugaboo
Bugaboo Bas Kosters 
Bugaboo Bas Kosters

Bugaboo Bas Kosters

Or the Bugaboo Cameleon viktor rolf bugaboo RRP £1,250! 
Viktor Rolf bugaboo
I personally dislike this one
the wheels just don't look right..
 & would of bought the Bugaboo Sahara if I didn't have the Bugaboo Bas Kosters already! 

Bugaboo Sahara Cameleon

On the school run with my Missoni Bugaboo Bee with black chassis The Bugaboo Brigade 

I now need the new Bugaboo Buffalo in my life. I'm not sure how my husband will feel about this though? 
It's SO gorgeous though!...
What do you think? Bugaboo Buffalo 


  1. Great post hun, I am so tempted to get a Bugaboo - because it's so popular in the 'celebrity world' is this what my life has come too?! LOL

    I'm so in love with my Quinny, I don't get to push it when I'm out with Rovi he thinks it's proper stylish & him being some what of a 'fashionista' it's perfect for him LOL

    Lotte xo

    1. I am soooo impressed with our Quinnys! I love them! We have matching colours too don't we? we should have a bluewater meet up ;)

    2. YAY for our red quinnys :) I am all for the meet up. Lets do it.

      Lotte xo



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