The simplest Dairy, Gluten, & Wheat FREE cookie Recipe ever

D.I.Y cake stand
Since we were told Hugo can't have dairy or wheat & perhaps try to cut out gluten to see if his problems persist, we thought we would make him some cookies & they've come out perfectly. 
they don't taste that bad either.
The price of free from biscuits in the shops is daylight robbery. Good job I enjoy Baking!

All you need is

NO eggs!
12oz Free from self raising flour
8oz Free from Margarine
8oz Caster Sugar
2oz Free From chocolate.
Pouring the sugar in.

Emilyn getting messy, making the dairy,wheat free cookies

Just before the oven

Method :

1 - mix all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl, knead with your hands. get Messy! Perfect to reel your toddler in to help !

2 - take small bits of the dough, roll up into balls, the size of ping pong balls.

3 - place of greased tray, you can make 16-25 cookies

4 - cook in preheated oven 180 degrees for about 10-15 minutes ( until golden )

5 - Eat them whilst warm & with a mug of soya Milk. Perfect

All done :)

they are delicious



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