Today In a Years time 2013

Ok so i thought this could be a giggle we all have a bit of both about us so  :
I have *Started this meme*as I often think "what does the future hold?" I love that in my life literally anything can happen.
So Today I am writing what I am doing right now. Will be fun to see what I'll be doing this time next year.

Today is Monday 22nd April 2013.

What did I do today?
I spent the Morning with my favourite Girls. Having Tea, Biscuits & a catch up. They are both expecting their second babies. The rest of the day will be spent playing in the garden with the little people.

Whats the Weather like?
The weather is sunny with a few clouds. 22degrees.

Where am I?

I am sitting in the Conservatory listening to Radio 1 Goldie by Rockie is playing
The Children playing nicely together,

What am I wearing?
 G-star Raw Jeans & a stripy top from Next.

What am I Drinking?
Black Coffee.

What am I looking at?
Well I am looking at my apple mac. My new Iphone 5 arrived today too.. My Candy Cart is in the corner of the room aswell,

Playing in the garden

What I am hoping the next year holds....

I would love to be doing a follow up blog post from my new house either inside or out.
I would love to have good news about Hugo, about all his problems but most of all good news about his feet.
I would love to have all my friends still around me & doing our weekly monday meet up (New Babies included)
I would love to have Hugo walking or even running...
I would love to have a Sunny Holiday booked...

I would love to be as Happy as i am today. If not Happier. If thats possible!

So what do you think you'll be doing in a year? & What are you doing now? Please tag 4 Bloggers & then comment below with your link. Its a great way to meet new Bloggers & see new Blogs.
I Tag - Holly Pena
I Tag - Ella Kohn
I Tag - Hannah Brooker
I Tag - Charlotte


    is that right honey? xx

  2. Hers mine hunny,
    Thanks for tagging me :)

    Lotte xo
    BericeBaby – A Years Time



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