Travelling abroad with a Talipes Baby

About to take off on the aeroplane


I'm sat here wishing time away. Have you seen the CRAZY weather outside? Its Snowing in April.... We are jetting off to Miami in June. Its ALWAYS stressful flying with a baby & toddler ANY Children in fact! Time & time again I hear the question... "Have you flown with your Talipes baby yet? & what Should i do with the Boots & bar?"
GOOD QUESTION! - When we flew to spain it was a 2 hour flight if that. It was a early morning flight too so I put Hugo to bed with his BnB on but took them off to fly with.
A baby on my lap will be hard enough... let alone a baby with BnB on too!

Well where shall i keep the boots & bar? In my holdall hand luggage or my main suitcase?

I first thought to put it in my main case, I didn't want to make alarms go off & have to explain...
But then what if my Main case goes missing???
I decided to put the BnB in my hand luggage & a letter from my physio at Royal Surrey Hospital explaining Hugo has Bilateral Talipes & his BnB are for medical reasons.

The things we worry about. I really got quite panicked about it.

Well that was just a short flight....
But America is a 10+ hour fight. My mind is boggling just taking an 18 month old & a 3.5 year old on a flight THAT long!  let alone what i should be doing with his Boots!

I think perhaps again put them in the hand luggage, & make up for time once we are settled in the hotel...

I wonder if people will ask questions? Hugo wears his BnB 12 hours normally over nights only. 6pm - 6am. but whilst on holiday we wont be putting the babies to bed at 6pm every night. We will no doubt be in restaurants eating later than normal... So Hugo will be in his BnB at the table.


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