Apologies about my absence in advance

Apologies in advance.
New house means installing EVERYTHING again... I don't mean Iphone Apps.
I am referring to the big I - Internet! Wow who would of thought the Internet would have such a hold over my life. A feeling I really wish I didn't have but i'm a blogger.
We had a whole week without real TELE * Do you know I can survive without Tele, I'm not a big TV fan, if its not raining the babies are outside enjoying getting muddy! But I am feeling a little lost not being able to connect to the outside world. I don't even have '3g' or even 'E' I live in the sticks. I had to remove my 'iMessage' from my iPhone as I wasn't receiving messages from friends.
Well Mic sorted the Sky out so we have a working tele. its ok to have a TV back but we still don't have the internet...
Its such a bummer!! Perhaps it will do me some good not being on the internet as much as I was...
The world revolves around internet though, I refuse to go to internet cafes again that was my LIFELINE when I lived in spain. I'd have an alcoholic drink & an hours Internet time.
we should have he internet working here by now but it didn't go to plan; we still have no internet.

As you can imagine I've been non stop sorting the new house & getting on with the real life day to day things.
Well it hit me last night with my dreaded Migraine. As a M.E sufferer I honestly blame my M.E for my Migraines; Only Migraine sufferers will understand just how awful they are. They aren't 'bad headaches' I literally can't move; all i can do it lay down in my room with the blinds closed & try to sleep it off...
I woke up with it again today. fortunately the little people are being amazing for me. I've spent half the day on the sofa watching Chicken little films... I took some strong painkillers & I'm feeling ok at the moment, I'll need an early night tonight though. Just got to see how the week plans out, i definitely don't want to do too much though.
We have settled in really well in our new home though. The babies are sleeping well although they are both poorly at the moment ... snotty noses & bad coughs.
They are annoyingly waking up at ridiculous 5 am times at the moment. they have black out blinds so I can't blame the sun.
This time for waking is NOT helping my lack of energy. 9PM bedtime for me isn't helping either. I must go earlier. *Memo to self.
We had a small open house yesterday with a few friends they all loved my new 'Flat Pack Home' I really love it too.
Life is good. Even with a migraine. The sun isn't shining yet the babies are happily playing on the decking & the decking is a life saver for a baby that is not yet walking. No Muddy knees!

I'll try to keep you all updated with life as much as possible. With lacking internet its tough...
Back at the Hospital with Hugo this Friday.


  1. We don't even HAVE a TV but I can't go without Internet unless I have other distractions - e.g. we're on holiday or something. The internet has always been the first thing we've had sorted each time we've moved.

    I've been telling my other half all about your home. I wish we had some land because I would *so* buy a flat pack house and do what you've done. I think it's fantastic.

    1. Thank you * I am also so glad i'm not alone with the love of internet. i'm losing my mind without it... :o



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