Groundhog Day

we are on Day 3 of Hugo walking... Its the strangest of things.
He has been waking up every morning & not remembering how to walk!
So each day Emilyn & I are having to re teach him.
It's amazing to see just how happy he is to be walking!
I can't remember Emilyn being like this? I just remember her learning to walk & thats it she was walking.
Hugo on the other hand seems to have a very small memory!!
He can take about 5 - 7 steps... Its amazing enough for me & I now know he CAN walk. After scaring myself half to death that he may never be able to walk...
I am over the moon feels all a bit surreal that he can walk actually.
I've not rung the Physio's yet as he isnt stable at walking & he isn't walking outside or for long distance, I will phone them soon though for guidance more than anything...
They will probably want to fit him with Piedro Boots  to help support his feet, ankles, legs...
But at least he is WALKING
even if we are having to re-teach him on a daily basis!

YouTube Videos

Day 3 - well we haven't got that far yet... we are still re teaching him how to walk.

I wonder how long Groundhog day will last?

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