My favourite time of the year - Beautiful Bluebells

Beautiful Bluebells 
I feel extremely fortunate to live in such a beautiful area, we own a few acres of woodland & we get the most amazing bluebells each year. its almost turned into a tradition for taking Bluebell photos...

Emilyn back in 2010 in the Bluebells 

Emilyn back in 2011 in the Bluebells

Emilyn & Hugo 2013 in the Bluebells *We couldn't take any photos last year as it was too wet & the rain squashed the bluebells...

Emilyn & Hugo love playing in the woods....

Emilyn playing on the tree trunk 

Hugo in the bluebells may 2013


  1. I LOVE this Bex! What a lovely thing to do annually. The bluebells are just so beautiful too. xxx

  2. Wow, so many blubells! You're so lucky to have such beautiful countryside around you! I love the idea of taking photos of the kids every year too, such a nice thing to look back on :) xx

  3. What a great thing to do every year, it must be amazing to have those gorgeous bluebells to visit every spring, lovely photos x

  4. where do you live? You may enjoy my facebook page "Bluebell Woods" I am always looking for pictures of bluebells

    1. How lovely! I'll have to take a visit to your site- i'm in west sussex surrounded by them still... x



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