Old Drawers are bought with their History

Mic & I went furniture snooping last weekend. I had looked in a little boutique in one of our local villages earlier in the week & found a cute chest of drawers ... all shabby chic painted with Annie Sloan paint I had liked it but not in love with it. I told the lovely shop keeper that i'd bring my Husband in later in the week.
Well Mic & I did go back & we had money burning in our pockets ready to buy. BUT I couldn't bring ourselves to spend over £100 on a chest of drawers I just didn't love.
We decided to go & check out this really lovely quant little Antique shop that i had driven past before but never actually walked in & taken a look around. 
Funnily enough it is right opposite Mics work & he had never even noticed it! Shocking I thought as I saw it the first time I drove past... Typical man then. 
Strangely when we arrived there, I wasn't that impressed. I'm thinking because i couldn't fit the buggy in the store; it put me off. 
nothing worse than walking around antiques & breaking something thats worth hundreds of pounds.
As Hugo & I waiting outside Luckily the sun was shining. 
Mic & Emilyn had found treasure.
Treasure in the type of Beautiful Chest of drawers, 
This was love at first sight! 
3 large drawers with two small drawers at the top. 
It was victorian with original drawer knobs. 
The Price was £225 which was slightly over budget but in my eyes totally worth every penny.
Then as i was starring lovingly at the beautiful chest of drawers I heard Mic calling my name ...
More treasure?
Yes it sure was. This time the most perfect Project for me.
A beautiful Dressing table. 
*Which strangely I have fallen in love with how it is now. As in I feel it could ruin it by painting it & shabby 'ing it up? 
The thing about this was the History that came with it. 
All 1946 of it.
Hundreds of pages of old Music books.
History fascinates me; not so much sitting in a classroom listening to the teacher bang on about henry the 8th but seeing History with my own eyes. 
Flicking through the music books looking at scribbled notes on pages.
Seeing how much the cost back then.
This Dresser has so much History with it. 
A lady with the name Sheila Cryps owned it.
She was a Music teacher & also a Sunday School Teaching assistant.
The drawer full of history.
I'm going to keep everything from the drawer; feels wrong to throw it out. It's the drawers History not mine.
I love that we have brought them in to our very new home. 
Giving our Flat pack house some history... 
Really honestly makes me smile.
I love all the tea cup staines on the wooden top. 
Thinking *what has this dressing table seen? 
Having girls doing their make up at it... like I now am. 
These beautiful children's music books * I'm going to frame them & put them in the children's room.

This Memo book with handwriting in... dating back to 1946

Inside the Memo Book

My Bedroom.
I love my new buys. I love that i've got good old solid furniture in my room. I love that Mic haggled the guy down so we paid just over £200 for both beautiful pieces of furniture.
Keep an eye out on my blog * I may paint the dresser...

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