1 month in - Our Flat Pack Home Journey

'Cause we've been busy creating the Memories we will never forget...
So simply Time is flying...
Can you Believe we've been living here a whole month? No? Nor can I?!
We started our Flat Pack home Journey in January & I've tried my best to keep you up to date with everything thats been going on.. In the current climate it's becoming increasingly harder for young families to get on the property ladder. So why not build your very own small house/bungalow/lodge on your own land?
It's a no brainer in my eyes & life couldn't be better.
I'll take you around the lodge quickly... The week we moved in I posted on my Blog Who wants to snoop around my new home? It seemed Very Popular with over 1000 hits... you nosey nosey people ! I love to have a good nose around other peoples houses too. Obviously with their permission... anyways lets get back to my lodge...

Here we have the Bathroom. The Bathroom is a good size we have a full sized large bath (The children call it a swimming pool) We have the shower over the top great shower very powerful.
There is plenty of floor space in here room for changing Hugo's nappy with space around me too.
The boiler is also in a cupboard to the right of the bath...

From the Bathroom opposite is the front door. (Sorry I forgot to picture it) Its an attractive white wooden door with a small window in.... we then have coat hanger & shoe storage. Next to the Bathroom as you come into the Lodge to the right you have the Master Bedroom, I've still not fully finished it but it is very comfortable. Just not fully up to my satisfaction just yet.

Around the Lodge I have been adding small touches myself quirky little things. The sign was a moving in present from one of my Besties.
Opposite my Bedroom is the Kitchen/Lounge Open plan, Open plan was my choice. I live in my Kitchen where as the children play in the lounge so simply it was the best choice to remove the wall for us as a family...to enjoy the open plan layout.

From the Kitchen you have the lounge... The children are loving this space I am still looking for a good storage for the toys though I find the ikea stuff a bit umm lacking in character...
Because ...Pictures speak louder than words
Hugo chillin'

This picture says 10000 words 
Because... Pictures say more than words...

Aww they do love each other ...

I love the ceilings with the roof windows 
Then following from the lounge we have Emilyn & Hugo's bedroom. My pride & joy. I love it honestly I could move in...They are very happy sharing at the moment, Hugo in his cot & Emilyn at the top of her bunk bed. There will be discussion to extend in a few years. Till then they are very happy sharing. They love it in fact. 
I do however need to use a baby monitor every night as our bedrooms are opposite ends of the lodge But this again suits us well. It was my design after all...
Last but definitely not least the outside we have a lovely decking area & the children love playing out here just need to buy a gate & it'll be fab!

Should I tell you all just what I think of the Lodge? after living in it for just over a month & with the English weather being so disgruntled. Sunny half a day raining & freezing the other half of the day...
I would like to Thank Homelodge For all their hard work & building us our dream lodge.
I just know we will have many happy years here!! 
After living here for a month we've not needed a radiator on or been too hot. With this english weather its very surprising how good the temperature is in here. 
We now have WIFI too so i'm a happy Mummy. 
I haven't a bad word to say about the whole lodge... not a single bad word. 
We had a rough few first nights sleep here, we are so much closer to the road than we have ever been, that was a bit of a shock for both of us. Our little country road isn't as quiet as you may think specially at night time. But thats all & certainly has nothing to do with the lodge. 
We've settled in SO well. I love it & if I could talk about it all the time I probably would. 

We're jetting off to America this week & I just know I will miss our new home for the fortnight that we are away. 
Looking a their dollars for america

My 10 top tips for traveling abroad with a baby or two in tow...

Have I mentioned yet that we are jetting off to the States in a matter of DAYS!...
This will be our longest flight yet with both babies. We went to Spain last November & that was easy with two they were perfect on the plane & the air hostess' even welcomed us to fly with them again as they had been SO good. that was a 2 hour flight... This will be a 9-10 hour flight. Even saying it actually fills me with dread!... but i'm sure it will be fine.
at least if I listen to what i'm about to type it may make things a little better... surely?
This will be our 3rd time on an aeroplane with the little people with Tunisia being our longest flight yet, well until next week.
I don't know about you but even the whole packing & getting to the airport stresses me.
& Don't even get me started on just HOW MUCH a baby needs...

A- Buggy
B- carseat/car seats! If two or more well it becomes HARDWORK!
C- Travel cot? It saved me £30 for a week but wow was it an extra STRESS
D- Trunki. - & to mention Trunki I am seriously thinking about buying the Trunki booster backpack? if it saves taking a car seat for Emilyn i'm in!

Travel LIGHT???

Ok to here are my 10 top tips for Traveling with a baby or two in tow!

1 - Book flights outside of the 'witching hour' - Remember with young babies the later the hour, the more fussy & over tired they become. Try to book a morning flight so baby is well rested. *Our flight to Miami is in the morning *YAY! But our return flight is OVER NIGHT - Wish me LUCK!

2 - Buy a Trunki - For a Toddler this is GREAT! It may slow you down a little bit with your 3 year old insisting on 'driving' their toy on wheels around, but if your flight is delayed its a perfect toy to play with. Also it gets your little person to feel involved when packing. I'll mention the Trunki backpack & booster again this will come in VERY handy!

3 - Try to reserve a window seat - This is great if you are nursing a baby, give you a little extra privacy, also the window is a perfect diversion if your toddler starts to get fidgety "ooo look out the window Z can you see the clouds?" Emilyn LOVES to sit by the window. I'm sure i'll have Hugo & Emilyn fighting over the window seat.

4 - Pack enough goodies for the plane - I tend to bring my usual changing bag plus more... extra nappies, a couple of change of clothes, You can count on it if your stuck on a 10 hour flight The babies nappy will no doubt explode & a change of clothes WILL be needed, some sweets, lollipops for flight take off & take down, snacks.

5 - Bring TOYS - I will be bringing my little peoples favourite toys- their toy cars. a handful for them to share. I may even bring some crayons & paper. There is only so many sweets you can keep them amused with. We are flying with Virgin so i know we will be well looked after & they'll have plenty of films to watch but better be on the safe side.

6 - Bring their security toys/blankets - The last thing you want to do is pack their security toys in the main suitcase - with my Children they Both have security blankets & Emilyn has a toy cow. If I had left them in our main luggage, They would literally scream 10 hours straight!

7 - Bring a travel companion - If possible bring your Husband, partner, Mother, friend, - You'll need that extra help. I definitely couldn't travel without Mic. When we went to Spain; there was a Mother on her own with her 2 year old son; although she was a very capable mother I really wished I could of helped her. she had to try to get from the airport with two suitcases, a buggy & hand luggage & a sleepy 2 year old. It's almost near impossible. I actually did get Mic to offer her some help. But she politely declined. I think traveling on your own with children must be so stressful. Those are the days gone when I used to fly as a singleton back & forth from Spain to England, With a book in Peace!

8 - Remember Babies CRY! - Try to forget your on a plane when your baby starts to cry. It's easier said than done I know... When flying back from Tunisia with Emilyn I was so stressed as well as exhausted, When she got over tired & didn't want to sleep the crying started & all I could do was think about everyone else & I really shouldn't of done, If I had stayed calm she would of probably calmed down & gone to sleep but hey ho, I got so stressed I almost joined her with the almighty tantrum she was having! Remember sometimes your baby just needs a GOOD CRY & despite your best efforts they'll cry anyway.

9 - Book your own Transport - I am definitely someone who likes to explore on Holidays, we 9 times out of 10 hire a car on Holiday, The journey from airport to Hotel/Villa/Apartment is SO much more relaxing *Apart from if you get lost *of course, The heat of the Coach transfer & the Price of a taxi. I can't think of a better way than hiring a car. We've hired a Mustang in Miami but a people carrier to get us from the airport to Hotel *Savvy thinking ahead I think!

10 - RELAX - You're on HOLIDAY after all. But i well & truly understand there is NO FUN in having hot coffee spilt all over your lap. Or Champagne being wasted on the floor. You can always sleep & leave your darling Husband to it. ;)

There is a baby in the house Task 7 -

Since having Babies I’ve always struggled to ‘baby proof’ things Isn’t it crazy how a baby/toddler will ALWAYS go for the things they aren’t allowed to have?
The wires, the Remotes, mobile phones, plants, hot cooker, you name it! My babies have tried to get to them.
Earlier this year we had our approval to build our own home. For us this is an amazing achievement.
With the babies in mind I tried to design the whole house around them. To plugs in the right places & buying furniture that is baby proof ‘ish.
My pride & joy in their Room & my Big D.I.Y project was their Alphabet wall!
I sourced all the alphabet letters & made some myself. Then the task of painting the wall GREY Yes Grey it was scary but the finished product is amazing; even if i do say so myself!

Blog post to Alphabet Wall is HERE

The letters are stuck on with Very strong Velcro with just a handful being screwed in due to their heaviness this mean we can move the letters around if we wish to.
I have a good D.I.Y trait in me & our new furniture about 60% of it has been up-cycled from the chest of drawers to the Kitchen stools.
I have ‘Before & After blog posts’ over on my http://busybeemummybex.blogspot.co.uk
I love the ‘Home made’ look before I had children I could of quite easily of been an Minimalist, now the thought of that fills me with dread i couldn’t think of anything worse.
Later this afternoon Emilyn & Hugo will be making a Den in their bedroom so watch this space.
My little people have a huge imagination & we spend hours playing ‘dens’ ‘shops’ ‘rescue services’
Emilyn had her first play date with a little girl from school. They wanted to play dens & as it was such a lovely day i got all the bed sheets out, they had a ball.

My lounge looked like a sight from Toys'r'us but they didn't spend much time playing in there...

Outside was too much fun! 

End Bounty reps' access to new mothers on NHS wards

Whilst browsing Twitter this morning & enjoying my cup of coffee. 
I came across an interesting read: @MumsnetTowers have set up a campaign to end Bounty reps' access to maternity wards.
They are asking for support, There survey has revealed that 8 out 10 (82%) of Mumnetters who responded say it is UNACCEPTABLE for NHS hospitals to allow commercial companies to interact directly with patients on wards.
Now my views on this have changed from having my daughter 4 years ago to having my son back in 2012.
I had no idea about the Bounty people & them wanting to take photos when i had Emilyn in 2009, I was however quite taken back when a lady peered in to my cubical whilst I was trying to breastfeed my daughter, specially after 20+ hours of labour. 
*not the Bounty photo* Emilyn a few hours old

But she was a lovely lady & asked if i would like a photo of Emilyn & said she will come back when i'm not busy.
She actually got a really lovely photo of Emilyn & it was perfect for Family for Christmas presents. She really put a lot of effort in to get the best photo she could.
My experience with Hugo & Bounty was a total different thing. I had a shorter labour with him but I still hadn't slept all night.
The fact that he was born with Bilateral Talipes meant I was feeling a lot more sensitive & my hormones raging more than perhaps if Hugo was born without his 'abnormalities' 
This particular Bounty rep in my eyes had absolutely no people skills. She appeared JUST as my daughter was meeting her new baby brother for the first time. Honestly she couldn't of picked a worse moment for it.
This was a family moment I will never be able to repeat. I thought how dare she ruin this for me? 
I explained that I didn't really want a photo of Hugo & that we had our own good camera & will just take our own. But she pressured us into having a few photos, The whole 'well I can take a few pictures then you can view them online & see what you think' speech.
They honestly were totally awful. I'm glad I hadn't paid there & then for them. 
She just put me on edge a bit. I had mentioned Hugo was born with Talipes & she said 'oh don't worry I won't get any with his feet in' I HAD NOT asked her not to photograph his feet. 
I wasn't ashamed of his feet! That annoyed me. 
To be honest That experience of the Bounty Rep really put a sour taste in my mouth. We were in hospital just under 23hours with Labour giving birth & after care… & the Bounty Rep was a big part of my memory. That honestly I wish I didn't have.

The Survey that Mumsnet done asked over 1,000 new mums that gave birth after May 2012 Reveals that - 

  • Over half (56%) of new mothers felt a Bounty Rep invaded their privacy - YES TOTALLY on both accounts. - 2009 & 2012
  • 60%were not specifically told their personal details would be passed on to other companies.
  • 82% don't think hospitals should allow sales reps access to wards at all! 

In my eyes & in a lot of other parents eyes I really do think Bounty Reps should be banned in Hospitals. 
If we want Newborn baby pictures of our little ones surely we would make that choice & book them to have them done?

Please read their Campaign to end Bounty reps' access to maternity wards HERE

Please sign the petition https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/health-minister-dr-dan-poulter-mp-put-an-end-to-commercial-parenting-club-reps-in-maternity-units-2

Speech Therapy

So today was Emilyn's first Speech therapy class 1 of 4 in total;
As I didn't want to frighten her I didn't tell her what we were doing & made it into a 'day out with Mummy' 
We started the day with a trip to Costa; Emilyn loves a baby chino. 
Our class wasn't until 11am, as I had no idea where in the hospital it was I left us plenty of time to get there. 
 The parking was ridicules at the hospital people queuing in the road so I decided to park a few roads down. Typically the weather thought it would be a good idea to let the heavens open & Emilyn & I got very wet! I had packed our rain macs good planning ahead on my behalf.
Back to Emilyns speech! - after talking to her Teachers a few weeks ago we both had thought Emilyn's speech had improved.
The class today had 2 other children in both i think must of been a bit older than Emilyn & in my eyes both spoke rather well.
Emilyn on the other hand - it suddenly hit home just how bad her speech is.
They were playing a game with a puppet & saying words this is really when I started welling up. Emilyn picked a fish. She calls them 'Shish' The puppet said the word Fish wrong like Emilyn & said 'Shish' Emilyn was meant to say the puppet was saying it incorrectly instead she got very confused & thought the puppet saying 'shish' was correct. It hit home hard with me. I really had to fight back the tears.
The same happened with the word 'van' Emilyn calls a 'Van' a 'Ban' & she had an argument with the puppet saying she was saying it right that a Van is called a 'Ban'

It's not the fact that Emilyn is saying the words wrong that made me cry; but the fact she gets so upset & stressed about it too that made me sad.
She's an intelligent little girl with SO much potential. As she is my eldest I myself have never experienced anything like speech therapy. Nor seeing Emilyn in an environment where people can see just how poor her speech is.
Unfortunately we can't attend the next class as we will be on holiday- have I mentioned our trip to America before? We are off on the 19th June so expect lots of Blog updates I've got some exciting things coming up!
We will be back at speech therapy beginning of July.
Until then we have been given lots of games to do with Emilyn.
I really hope we start to see some kind of improvement soon.

Hugo's 17 months today

He's almost 1 & half where has this time gone?
He's walking so well now; 7-10 steps & he can pull himself up without any support.
He's saying more words the newest is 'tor' tractor. & 'car' he loves cars.

The perfect Fathers Day with John Lewis Why is MY Dad So Great.

His fathers day card my his Grandchildren

John Lewis recently got in contact with me wanting to let me know all about their fabulous competition, All you need to do is explain why your dad is so great! Thats all.
So are you interested in entering the John Lewis Father’s Day blogging competition to be in the chance of winning a very special Father’s day gift in the shape of an Osiris Chrono watch?

I know my Dad would love them!

So why is My Dad so great? 
Of course he's My dad! so I will always Love him. 
He's a complete Hero in my eyes who can't do no wrong.
My Dad is Self Employed he has worked everyday for as long as I can remember. 
He's always tried to make Sundays a family day though even if he still works in the afternoon or evening. 
He even works on Christmas Day.
He's a Lorry Driver for a well known Garden Furniture company & in his spare time He repairs damaged Cars. Hence the 25-30 cars Yes CARS 25-30 of them in OUR DRIVE! I kid you not! 
The plus side is that my Husband & I are never without a car. The down side to having SO many cars is sometimes we can't get into the drive.  
He really helped me get through some challenging money difficulties in my younger teenage years. Crashing a brand New Courtesy CAR wasn't my best move ; I admit & having to Pay out £400 + excess just before I was off on Holiday wasn't the best start But My Dad sorted it out for me. 
I'm ever so thankful for that. 

My Dad & I have a solid Father Daughter relationship we are very similar & he makes me laugh the most out of anyone in the world. 
He is probably the nicest most genuine man i've ever known.

I was a big TomBoy whilst growing up & I had such admiration for my Dad I wanted to be just like him. I'd get my old ripped painted jeans on & go help him in his workshop. 
I miss those days & look back on them fondly.

If i'm having a bad day or just bored Dad is the main person i'll call for a chat (he has hands free in his Lorry) don't panic. 

He loves My Mum & my parents are very happy together after 25+ years married.

This is just a snippet to why My Dad is so great. 

Kiddy Guardian Car seat Pro 2 *REVIEW* Fabulous !


I have been lucky enough to Review this carseat.

Have you heard of the Make Kiddy? Well its one of the best manufacturers of car seats in Germany & has now branched out to Kiddy UK, Kiddy pride themselves in Safety & innovative designs of Car seats, buggies & other accessories for parents.
You can take a look for your self here

Can I start by saying that Kiddy have a brand new Infant car seat out- any expectant mums should take a look at this - Its called an evolution Pro Just look at the colour choices !! RRP £150
It's not just the amazing colour choices that make this carseat I would say one of the best but the new safety features 

The kiddy baby car seat with a special reclining position

Out of the car, into life: the new Kiddy Evolution Pro infant carrier gives new parents undreamed flexibility! An innovative feature is hidden in the handle: just one touch and the baby lies back in a relaxed, healthy, sleeping position.
Of course, the baby’s good health is the key focus in all positions: the good ergonomics of the Kiddy infant carriers have been additionally certified by a positive assessment by the ‘Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.’ (Campaign for Healthier Backs).
Whether in a café, visiting close friends or enjoying an informal dinner: little bundles of joy can sleep peacefully and safely while their parents can relax with complete peace of mind.

Right so BACK to MY Carseat! 
The Kiddy GUARDIAN Pro 2 

Safety features

Original Kiddy Impact Shield
The Original Kiddy Impact Shield allows for "rolling over" of the upper part of the body in case of a front-end collision or severe braking maneuvers. Thus the very delicate cervical area in children is strained less than with conventional seatbelt systems.
New Kiddy Shock Absorber
From age group 2 upwards children are secured in the child safety seat with the 3-point seat belt. This system, however, has been designed for adults. Our unique safety component, the Kiddy Shock Absorber(KSA), absorbs the braking energy acting on the 3-point seat belt and thus protects your child from high impacts. For the second generation we have improved the absorbing material for better energy absorption and integrated the KSA into the textile cover.

Optimised geometric design of the lateral areas
Due to the new design of the side protection components our high-performance material Honey Comb V2 is even more effective. Head and shoulder area are protected best possible in case of a side collision. At the same time the good side view through the window is maintained for your child.
High-Tech material
A seat with even better side impact protection! The head and shoulder area in children is especially vulnerably, since the head is still relatively heavy compared to the rest of the body. With the use of the high-performance material we call Honey Comb V2 in the head and shoulder area, this delicate zone is particularly well protected.

Comfort features

One-hand height and width adjustment
We want to make your life as easy as possible!
The unique adjustment mechanism of the
kiddy guardian pro 
2 expands the seat both in height and width simultaneously
by a simple squeeze of the
 handle on the back of the seat with just one hand.

The most comfortable position in every situation! It only takes a few seconds to put the seat into the snooze position and the comfortable headrest can easily be adjusted, too. The broad seating area allows for quiet and comfortable sleep. While you're concentrating on traffic, your child relaxes and is optimally protected at the same time.
Integrated diagonal seatbelt guide
Because of our new lever technology for the seatbelt guide fastening and unfastening of the seat belt is even easier and safer now.

3-stage leg extension
The kiddy guardian pro 2 is characterised by its long useful life, because it grows with your child. The three-stage leg extension ensures that the child sits safely and comfortably with the back and legs well supported no matter how tall it is!

Foldable and removable insert cushion
Support and a perfect seating feeling. Your child will
be totally comfortable and enjoy the ride.
No matter if you go on holiday or just to the supermarket around the corner.

Breathable Thermotex fabric
Nothing is more unpleasant than sitting in a car in sticky, sweaty clothes on a hot summer day – and that goes for adults as well as children. To counteract this we at kiddy have introduced our breathable Thermotexfabricl to specific areas of our seats. This material increases air circulation ensuring a comfortable seating environment, making even long car trips enjoyable.
Durable cover
The covers available in many variations can be removed and machine washed at 30°C (gentle cycle).
 Use in Aircraft
                                   This child seat has the homologation for use in aircraft.

My Review

Now should I get to the fun bit? My own personal review on this Carseat?

Hugo sat on the box - I hadn't told him whats inside 

TA-DA The Gorgeous Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 Carseat in Walnut colour
The car seat style? 

I decided on walnut colour I think it looks lovely. The car seat is nice & light so easy to transfer from car to car, The car seat is SO totally easy to use. I have another similar car seat with the seat belt straps over & honestly this car seat is 10X better. I can't fault it. It does exactly what it says on the tin so to speak. 
No wonder the brand Kiddy have won so many awards. The Kiddy Guardian  Car seat Pro 2 has won 7 awards! 
The Impact Shield is so light! & the seat belt goes round it so smoothly, Hugo doesn't feel squashed & with this design there is NO CHANCE of him escaping whilst you're driving down the M25. I've heard plenty of horror stories! 
Hugo taking a look

Emilyn putting the front on

Hugo thought it was hilarious !

Hugo in the car before i put the seatbelt on..

Hugo all set. 
I am so impressed with the Kiddy carseat! 

Emilyn is SUPER jealous of Hugo's new seat.

The seat inlay - Perfect for a comfier ride.

Hugo will fall asleep instantly in his Kiddy Guardian pro 2 car seat

I've had the Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 car seat for almost a week. I have absolutely NO COMPLAINTS & all i want to do is rave about this car seat. In fact I wish I had bought my daughter one 3 years ago instead of a similar design made from a different brand.

Take a look at their YOUTUBE VIDEO HERE It just shows WHAT a fantastic seat this really is.
RRP - £200.00 

Disclosure: We have been sent this product for the purpose of this review however all thoughts and opinions are our own


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