Charity Shop finds - Upcycling photo frames

It's quite funny really when I was a child / teenager I would stand outside waiting for my mum whilst she dug for treasures in the local charity shop...
Cringing at the thought of going through other people's stuff... 
Not knowing what real life was really about. 
I've changed a lot since then. My whole mind had changed. 
I discovered a gem in my local Charity Shop the beautiful things in there I was amazed; just like an Alladins Cave! 
I've fallen Inlove with this vintage Paddington Bear & old Mclaren buggy!  
As I'm still needing to buy things for our newly built house I couldn't justify the almost £50 price tag the beautiful bear came with... Maybe another day !
Emilyn obviously doesn't share my new love & enthusiasm for the charity shops after she picked her £1 mirror she then went outside with her Aunty & waited... Knocking on the window for my attention every now & then...

This charity shop specialises in vintage things from clothes to games to sports gear... I love old children's games ! This is a vintage printing set !
Now I'm not too sure WHAT this is but I LOVE IT! I'm not sure where I would put it but I WANT IT...
Emilyn enjoying herself ... She loves stairs !
So I bought these photo frames & this old tennis racket all this for £10! I also bought a curtain but that's for a whole other post !
Painting them ready for Emilyns room
Ta-Da! - ready to be put up in E's room !

Bird Mobile - Upcycle a coat hanger :

Whilst looking through this months 'Pretty Nostalgic' if you haven't heard of it I tell you now it's amazing it's £8 - £8 of loveliness!! 

Well I came to 
'Ways to Upcycle...' (Fabulous for me) 
A Coat Hanger - yes a metal coat hanger! So here's my attempt at it 

You will need - 
• card
• wire coat hanger 
• glue - I used PVA 
• hole punch
• newspaper (sports edition) hehe 
• paper scissors (well metal scissors but ones that cut paper)
• pencil or pen
• pliers - yes you really do need pliers I tried to use my metal paper scissors I didn't work 
• thread, string, I used wool 

Instructions - 

1- draw a simple bird shape & cut it out 5 times 
2- draw a petal shape on newspaper & cut out 5 pairs of newspaper wings
3- use a hole punch to create an eye on each bird
4- cut 6 20cm lengths of thread, glue wings & thread down on each side of bird. 
5- cut a piece of wire from hanger 25cm long & cut another piece 35cm long
6- assemble the mobile by tying the bird with thread to each end & one to the middle
7- attach the wires together & hang! 

My own expert Review on the Quinny Moodd The truth :

Quinny Moodd 

The whole truth & nothing but the truth.
Right shall I start by saying…. *Big breath*
Hi my name is Bex Harding & I was a Bugaboo Addict before I used this Quinny.
Guess what I done a few weeks ago though? Yep you guessed it: I SOLD my Bugaboo Cameleon. I LOVE the Quinny Moodd.
I love the way it looks, I’ve said before the amount of compliments I get on it amazes me.
I love that so far I haven’t seen many about… I took my little people to Peppa Pig World last week & I saw just two other Quinny Moodds.
I love the T-Bar & not just that but Hugo loves the T-Bar too!
I love how comfy the seat is *I’ve obviously not sat in it But my almost 4 year old has & she loves it!
I love how my almost 4 year old can sit comfortably in the buggy & can also sleep.
I love that you can go ‘off road’ing’ *Sorry I know it’s not a car! – But I live in the country & it’s fab on the fields.
I love that you can swift in & out of people in the city! – I think our whole task showed that one!
I love that I can use the Quinny Moodd on the BEACH – Sand or Pebble!
I love how easy it is to fold & fit into my boot- whether i’m using my Estate car or my husbands Saloon car – I can also fit it in a Renault Clio & the back wheels clip off really easily for smaller boots!
I love all the accessories you can buy – The cup holder in particular *AMAZING & how Handy… Get it… ‘Hand’y
I love the footmuff & parasol
I just LOVE the Quinny Moodd.

My only dislike is the Brakes - I REALLY struggle to put them on & off I may just be being silly but you need the brake on to fold the Quinny or it will just push forwards (It may just be the way i’m trying to fold it)  I like the idea of having a *Hand brake or a 1 foot brake for stop & start.

I feel SO privileged to be apart of the Quinny Casters 2013 & Honestly i’ve enjoyed *Loved even every moment. It has never been a chore to write my blog up. It’s been exciting. I have loved all the Tasks, I will miss it all dearly.

Here’s a few pictures from the last 4 months
Quinny moodd at Peppa pig world

Hugo trying to get in his Quinny Moodd

Quinny moodd on the beach 

This photo went 'Viral' around all the Quinny Pages


Quinny moodd

Graffiti in Brighton with the Quinny Moodd,

Emilyn aged 4 in the Quinny Moodd

Brighton Park with Daddy with the Quinny Moodd
Quinny Moodd Red in Brighton Sussex
Quinny Moodd Red

Upcycling Laura Ashley Corner Unit

I recently purchased this mahogany corner unit I got it for a good price but knew I wanted to paint it & make it even more beautiful! 

I used primer spray paint to get rid of the majority of dark wood on show.
Then bought two tester pots of Laura Ashley paint handily it was on offer!  
I fell for the Duck Egg colour
Amazingly 1 tester pot painted the whole unit! 

Ta-da finished! 

All in a days work 

Boys and their Toys

My Boy is obsessed with anything car/lorry/wheel related to the extend he's now seeing 'lorries' & 'tractors' on packets of toilet roll & bread! He was sat in the bath earlier & demanded to get out to see the 'brum brum' 'Orry' I had absolutely no clue what lorry he was talking about until I looked closer at the toilet roll packet! He then had a tantrum due to the fact he couldn't play with THAT particular lorry...
Earlier today we were sat having lunch & then out if no where he starts chanting 'TractorTractor tractor' I again felt like a terrible mother I had no idea what of where the tractor was until he literally pointed it out to me.
We are surrounded by cars. Quite literally my Dad has a car obsession ( perhaps where Hugo gets the love of cars from ) we have at the moment 20 or so cars in our Drive... On top of these cars Hugo has a Little Tikes Truck & Emilyn has a Little Tikes car... 

We often take Hugo to car shows he was in his element at this mini meet in Brighton. 

A trip to the farm to see the animals? No chance all Hugo wants todo is play with the Tractors! 

Are boys brains different to little girls brains? We have definitely in no way tried to make Hugo love cars... He's shown the passion 100% by himself. I'm totally not complaining... I will need someone to fix my car when I'm old ! 


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