Toddler easy -Paper Bunting

Emilyn wanted to get the craft box out so I had to do some quick thinking:
Paper bunting easy & perfect afternoon fun for a 3year old. 

All you need is : 

•coloured paper
•hole punch 

I first saw paper bunting on this fabulous blog by Hannah - i do not so secret diary of a DIY Bride #4 please go take a peek. Her blog is amazing 

Charlie Bear wearing Boots and Bar!

So a few weeks ago; if that! - I put a Tweet out asking if anyone could help make Hugo boots & bar for his teddy bear. 
I had & am still trying to get Build A Bear to respond to me to try & get them to get a Talipes Boots & Bar bear made. 
Typically I have heard nothing.
Then this lovely lady contacted me & said she would love to try & make up a pair of boots for Hugo's bear. 
I was so taken back by her generosity. 
I had 'Tweeted' her before & her Husband was also a Quinny Caster they don't live far from me so I really much meet her for a coffee as a thank you.
This lovely lady blogs here
Well the bear has made a HUGE difference I'll take you back to this blog Mummy on a mission Boots fun! & big Sisters, Puppets & bears wearing Boots & finally how heart wrenching it is to hear your baby crying Heart wrenching 'Boots Bar Off Mummy'
Last night we saw no tears. we saw no tantrums, We sat Charlie bear on the little chair & Hugo next to him - Hugo helped us put Charlie's on.

* Should I point out - I normally put Hugo's boots on individually & remove the bar.... Last night we had had  long day at a lovely Talipes meet & Hugo as you can see is co operating really well. The aim of this was just to get some nice happy photos of Hugo. But of course sometimes leaving the Boots on the bar helps as Hugo normally dislikes me putting the bar on, its the main thing he hates.  *
Whatever helps you put your child's boots & bar on. 

anyways lets get back on track should we? 

A happy Hugo wanting to 'snap' Charlie Bear.

Sorry about his mucky face - I didn't want to upset him by washing it. 

Honestly you have no idea what a difference this is. I should of totally done a blog on how our boots & bar normally goes. Hugo has been having the craziest of tantrums. You know how hard it is to change a babies nappy? times it by 10!

Happy Feet Happy Boy

Happy Boy Wearing his Boots & Bar
 Thank you so much You can also find her here.

I really hope this wasn't a one off.

Post Comment Love

5 minute shabby chic project - Tables

This has got to the the simplest before & after project but by far the most effective the the very little effort I put in. 
I used spare household normal paint & just lightly painted the legs on the nest of tables. 

I did sand down & wax the tops - they were quite stained.
Emilyn & Hugo enjoying their dinner on one of the tables. 

More Shabby than Chic

Yes I'm talking about my corner units again I have two - I bought two different tester pots of Laura Ashley paint I fell for the Duck egg blue paint but thought I'd just paint the other one in the delphinium blue then planned to sell it... Well annoyingly it fits in really well in our lounge the corner units really to compliment each other the thought of selling it now - well I can't. 
Anyways I do want/need to paint the other one in Duck Egg blue to match the other one... That was the plan anyway..until I 'shabbied' it & now I love it & I'm stuck with what to do...? 

Before - corner unit in primer 

Getting ready to paint 

Ta-Da finished

Half shabbied - 

Shabby'ing in progress 
Finished Ta-Da 

Hallucinating Baby

The naughty germs must be doing their rounds again Emilyn has just gotten over a cold runny nose bad cough nothing too serious... Then Hugo all of a sudden gets a streaming nose every sneeze blows out all the snotty bogeys I've ever seen! I knew tonight would be a bad night but I didn't think it would be as bad as it has been & it's only 1am! 

We managed to get him to bed by 7pm wearing his boots & bar too ! 

But by 8pm he was making the odd moan & so I went in to check on him, it was obvious he was struggling to breath. We kept an eye on him but it wasn't long before he was fully crying & asking for a 'duddle' - cuddle. 

Luckily Daddy was watching 'Boop Ball' foot ball so Hugo although half asleep on daddy's chest started to watch 'BoopBall' too.. 

9:30pm I decided I needed to go to bed I took Hugo with me cuddled up with him in our bed he kept drifting in & out of sleep. 

Around 10:30pm Hugo started getting really agitated he started mumbling something about bugs I tried to ignore him but he kept saying 'bugs bugs mummy bugs' 

He was begging me for 'duddles' & non stop talking about bugs... 

I noticed he must be hallucinating when he was cuddling me but repeatingly asking his 'Mummy. Mummy.' Starting to cry...'mummy!' He had no idea who I was... He was petrified to top that off he then got so scared about the non existent bugs he wouldn't let go of me he was fighting to cling hold of me. 

I thought this was the time to get him in the bath to try & cool him off... 

I used to Hallucinate when I was little I would have a repeating dream of little men like the borrowers urghh I hate hallucinating you wake up from the nightmare open your eyes & the nightmare is still going it always felt 110% realistic. I remember my Hallucinating like it was yesterday yet I must of been about 4 or 5 years old if that ... 

After some Calpol & a cool bath Hugo has calmed down & we are now sat on the sofa watching Cars the Disney film. I'm exhausted. Yawn.... 

A day to myself : No Babies.

Relaxing :)

A Day on my own? No children, No Husband (He's at work) ; & it's a Bank Holiday Monday.
Am I the most awful Mother to actually be happy to have a full day on my own, With no Major plans.?
Yes I'm missing out on a Family day out, The children have gone to the village steam fair with their Grandparents. I could of gone. But I chose to stay home & take advantage of some extremely rare 'me time' I physically can't remember the last time I had a day with no babies.? Well over a year without a doubt.
So my plans for today are :

Washed & hung out clothes.
Took a trip to Homebase *Annoyingly they hadn't got the paint I needed in stock.
Took a trip to Tesco's

Putting clothes out to dry : Boring!
None of this is sounds very relaxing is it?
Well I'm now at home relaxing with a coffee & once I've done this blog post I'm going to try & do nothing for the rest of the day....

This is going to sound bizarre but I really struggle to rest,
Since I was diagnosed with M.E back in 2003 I then went on to literally spending 3-4 years in bed day & night. It was HELL. The thought of ever going back to that scares me. So any time that I rest I get really agitated...
I've got so much to do.

  • Blog Reviews... *They will get done. 
  • Furniture that needs Upcycling
  • My own furniture I need to paint. 
  • Chairs that need to be waxed 
  • Emails that need to be sent Regarding Bear wearing boots & bar 
  • My Book work needs to be done too! 

I will try & rest. I've been living with a dull headache for the last month. *This is what happens when I over do it.
I just find being 'lazy' really BORING! - I know I need to be 'lazy' RESTING every now & again.
I also understand the next time I get treated to having a child free day will probably be next year.

So I'm going to sign off my Mac & do nothing for the rest of the day... I hope.

New Curtains *Storage Solution* D.I.Y

The bedroom : I still have so much I want to do in here - Interior wise!!
I have wanted to put curtains up here for ages for a few reasons : 
• It's a good storage solution covered up so unsightly boxes aren't on show! 
• I think it looks pretty! 
• very country cottage  

Here's the before & after:
So I cheated a little bit but it's all part of the upcycling - I scoured the charity shops & found these floral curtains they were just what I was looking for! 

My very clever sister measured them for size & hemmed them back up for me. 

I finally got around to actually putting them up today after weeks of looking at them!... it's quite high up there & I had to gear myself up to getting on a ladder & then getting up in the eaves... Luckily the floor didn't cave in & I'm still alive! But it was SCARY! 
The curtains them self cost just £7.50 much much cheaper than buying fabric

Hello foot! - 

Putting the curtains up.

One side done! 

All finished ! Hello ME! 

Storage hidden - TADA! 

I love them Like really LOVE them. 

Wear your boots Baby: BOOK!

This is NOT the actual book : Talipes Boots & Bar book

Mission - Make Hugo Happy underway! 
OK I must refrain from getting too eeekkkk EXCITED! But I finally have sat down & written my Talipes Boots & Bar book. FINALLY. After thinking about doing it for the past year or so... I thought... Now or never kind of attitude is needed. The passion I have for this little book.
It will no doubt turn into a HUGE life line for us

I read the sketched book to Emilyn & Hugo tonight: their first time at hearing it...
They absolutely LOVED it! Plus Hugo went to sleep really well.

I totally understand this isn't going to make me millions nor do I want that. I just feel it would be a huge accomplishment to have it done. To help others dealing with the boots & bar stage especially when their children get to Hugo's age & they start saying "NO" to Boots & Bar.
Hugo loved this book It connected to him, This is exactly what I wanted. Emilyn & Hugo actually got Excited about the book. Whilst I was reading it to them they were getting involved :
The book starts with
"It was almost time for Baby to go to bed, 
But before bed, 
What does Baby need to do? "

Que. Emilyn shouting Put his Boots & Bar on with the biggest smile on her face!

“Put your boots and bar on Baby.” Said Mum
I'm in the process of getting the whole book put together. The Lovely Lauren from Pretty Star Designs is helping me.

Hopefully It wont be too much longer & you'll be able to buy a copy for yourself.

You'll also be OVER THE MOON to hear - My little Bear wearing Boots & Bar is also in progress!
I'll keep you all updated.


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