6 Months with our Flat Pack Home.

If I told you 6 months ago we had started to build our new flat pack home. Can you believe 6 months has gone so fast?

We have been living in our new home since May 2013, I have stated before but I will say it again, We used Homelodge an amazing stress free experience, I think back to our flat pack home build with fond memories. They have been successfully trading since 1986!

I won't discuss pricing, But if you are wanting to do similar on your own land take a look at Homelodge pricing page. It was cheaper for us to build our flat pack home than it would of been to buy a 2 bedroom apartment/bungalow & definitely cheaper than buying a house.

I am head over heels in love with our new home. My home interior may not be your personal choice but i am loving my lounge I still want to do more to it but its definitely feeling homely.

My flat pack home Lounge 
My favourite corners of my lounge.

The Children's bedroom, My alphabet wall.

Alphabet Wall

Decoupage toy storage unit 

Our spacious bathroom.

Kitchen area 

As Autumn has approached rather quickly. The flat pack house has definitely felt chillier. Still not cold enough for the heating on though, Just needing a jumper on. 
It's pleasant in here. We still have a roof window open slightly too.

ECO friendly - Well we had our first Electricity bill & we were all very surprised to see how cheap this house is to run! amazing really. I know we haven't had the heating on just yet though. 
Thumbs Up.

I actually can not wait to spend our first christmas here. 
Very excited.


  1. Wow I've heard of flat pack homes but had never seen one before, yours looks so lovely!

    I love your chairs, they're adorable!

    1. Thank you, it really feels like home now :)> I love my chairs too

  2. It looks fab! I love the alphabet wall!

    How are you finding it in terms of noise? xx

    1. Thank you :) - Pretty good when we have all windows closed you can barely hear the cars. We have our bedrooms at opposite ends of the house so i used a baby monitor at night times or i wouldn't hear them. we've settled in really well xx

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