An Honest Blogger

I pride myself in my 110% honesty on my blog. I'm sometimes so honest I completely forget people read it. I treat my blog like my diary & I feel I am over honest at times.
It comes to a shock to the system that 15,000 yes thousand fifteen thousand people a month find my blog. read my reviews, read my blog posts about Hugo & Emilyn, read my thoughts.
Because lets face it... my blog is pretty much you guys reading what i'm thinking.
I full well know that the popularity from my blog is because you guys love my honesty. You've told me. I would never change my blog posts. I can't really. I still use BusyBeeMummyBex as my free therapy. I really do.
I just get a little bit taken back when people who I know mention my blog to my face. I forget you read it. I forget you read my thoughts. I forget you enjoy what I write. I just forget.
I want to thank you all, yes you reading this. I'm not sure why you all enjoy reading my blog. Maybe because i am a honest blogger, & I don't hide who I am... although you'll never know my real age. Ha I'm staying in my mid twenties for the next 20 years... But that information I know you don't really care how old I am.
apart from that I really am an honest blogger...
I write my blog as if no one is reading.
You know that saying "dance like no one is watching"
I really do "Blog like no one is reading"
I then get shocked to see thousands of you are reading!
almost 100,000 of you this year! WOW a little bit scary. But wow amazing at the same time.

I better keep up the good work.

Keep your eyes peeled we as a family have some exciting news to share with you all very soon.


  1. awww Bex what a lovely post, thank you for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  2. Bless you. Glad I found your blog via #MagicMoments. Keep blogging like noone is reading.
    Downs Side Up x



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