eBay Rant - OFF Topic

Totally OFF TOPIC.
But I totally need to talk eBay!

Shall I start by saying over the years I have been a huge eBay user. Mic & I used to sell a lot on eBay & 9/10 everything was great. You do however realise just how many awful horrible people there are out there.

I sold a water damaged iPhone 4 on eBay in July I said it was water damaged but it worked ok apart from a broken camera. (I had been using it fine) well a few WEEKS later I received an email saying Buyer has opened a case. Item not as described.
I thought 'brilliant' *can you hear the sarcasm in my voice? a little bit more stress to add to my already hectic life.

I apologised & said I am happy to refund I was not aware of any issues with the phone. As it was water damaged it may of been playing up. I then heard nothing. a few weeks past. EBAY had given the buyer a deadline of a week to send my iphone back for refund. The day came, but no phone was delivered. I emailed the seller saying I was happy to refund once I get the iphone.

EBay also said I need to have the phone in my hand to view it BEFORE we refund.

The buyer then out of no where 'escalates' the claim. I was SO confused to why he has done this, it was as though I had said No to a refund.

Well I was sitting in bed last night, I thought I would re check my emails & eBay have REFUNDED the buyer already & closed the case. FUMING is not the word.

I tried to 'appeal' the case.

Parcel Force turned up this morning with a package. I thought Yippee my iPhone.

Well you couldn't even make it up. The box was a BLACKBERRY box, Not even my iPhone box. and inside.... well was NOTHING.

Cheeky Bastard. Seriously. I am still shaking with anger.

after 2 hours on the phone to eBay & Paypal. Their decision is STILL with the Buyer theres NOTHING more they can do?

So its £100... gone. I know in the scheme of things it's not much. It's more the principle.

Do I bother getting the police involved?
We all know JUST how difficult it is to talk on the phone with two 'smalls' running around. They always pick that moment to start a tantrum don't they?

Angry just doesn't cut it.

Well Mr Man from Birmingham... hope you're happy. Scamming a women with two young children. Brilliant I applaud you're Scumminess why don't you go out & get a job to make money? Instead of being fraudulent on eBay!

Where's the Sellers rights?
The more people I talk to the more people I find have an eBay story to tell.
I don't know how eBay are working as a business.?

My Days selling on eBay are over.

I've wasted my whole Summer holidays with my children, over thinking your eBay claim. I'm a sensitive person I hate situations like this.

I've just wasted 2 hours of my life on the phone trying to resolve this. You obviously know just how to 'play' the system. Well I believe in karma... & Karma will come get you...


  1. Disgusting actions by Ebay - why implement rules if they themselves cannot stand by them? They should have waited for the item to be in your hand before refunding!

    Retweeted your tweet for you


    1. Thank you Bex, this is it! Why tell me to wait to refund once I've inspected phone incase it has any damage? or the silly buyer sends an empty BOX! seriously? x

  2. That's awful. I really feel for you. I hope that man gets his just desserts. You're right, karma will get him in the end

    1. Thank you. I think eBay need to redo their customer care for the sellers x



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