Emilyn started Ballet today

Emilyn finally started her ballet lessons today. She has waited months for this day, after asking me almost everyday today was the day she'd been waiting for. 
For the past week all she has spoken about was ballet. She had a trial day last month & loved it. 
After initially being very shy she settled in super quickly & she didn't want to leave. 

I'm so proud of her she even allowed me & Mic to leave her in her ballet class... So we managed to squeeze in a costa coffee. Perfect. 

Emilyn got her ballet outfit today too so she was keen to show it off. 

This was Emilyn this morning before ballet. 

Thank you KDF dance class for being superb. Emilyn can't wait for next week. 

Emilyns a superstar at letting me do her hair on a normal daily basis, so today when she had ballet she was so excited for me to do her 'ballet hair' 



  1. awww what an absolute cutie!! i am so pleased that she enjoyed it xx

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  2. She looks so adorable! Glad she enjoyed it too! My niece started ballet a few months ago and loved it to begin with, she soon went off it but I hope Emilyn keeps it up! Her hair is so lovely too!

    1. aww i really hope she continues to love it. I so understand how difficult it is to stick to something though xx thank you :)

  3. Fab hair, I wish you could do mine too!



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