Molly Coddle Childrenswear A/W 13 range

Molly Coddle 

I recently found Molly Coddle childrens wear, I am in absolute awe of everything... Beautiful girls-wear  & beautiful boys-wear.

So I caught up with Tracey the founder of Molly Coddle

It's just nice to get a bit of background when telling my readers about such beautiful products.

So I managed to ask her some questions.... 
1) How/what made you start up MollyCoddle? Molly Coddle Childrenswear dresses boys, girls and babies, ages newborn up to seven years and is a little different from the rest of the high street.
Much of it is hand made or hand embellished in Sussex, UK and other items are bought from carefully selected suppliers.
September 2010 saw the arrival of my (Tracey Edwards, creator) first baby, and my pregnancy shopping trips inspired me to create Molly Coddle Childrenswear.

Amazing. I love that.
2) Do you only specialise in children's clothing? At present Molly Coddle specialises in clothing and accessories, but I would love to move into maternity wear in the next three years. Many items are unique to Molly Coddle and other styles are purchased from other great childrenswear brands such as Powell Craft and Pixie Dixie. 

Maternity wear would be FABULOUS! - I love love love Powell Craft & Pixie Dixie. My Son has a fair few bits of it... 
Here's Hugo in Powel Craft 

& Hugo again wearing Powel Craft 
3) How long have you been in business for? Two years.
4) Are you the sole company or do others work with/for you? I am the creator, however when the business is very busy (as many items are hand made) I work with very talented Sussex ladies who assist in the Molly Coddle manufacture.
5) Apart from the main website & other websites who sell your stock where else can we find you? I am so pleased to be working with Alex and Alexa, The Wool Bar, Worthing and Moodles in Exeter. Molly Coddle is also on sale in Horsham every Thursday at the Carfax Market for handmade creations.

- I had already found Molly Coddle on Alex and Alexa love that website. 
6) Is there any thing in specific that drives your business? I aim to design special things for 'extra special' little people. I love it when I meet mums to be and they bring along their newborns and I see the children grow and develop. The website has a Gallery page where children send in photographs of them wearing their Molly Coddle outfits, which is wonderful. 

That really does sound truly wonderful..
7) Do you have a textile background?  I studied Fashion and Design and Art when I left school and have experience in retail, commercial business and customer service rolls which are a perfect complement when creating your own business.

You've done amazing. I can see Emilyn & Hugo wearing Molly Coddle outfits for this Christmas. 

Here's a few photos from Molly Coddles Autumn/Winter 2013 range 

I Love all the clothes: I get a lot of people ask where I shop for my little ones & I always send them to Molly Coddle. 
Molly Coddle Children's wear
Beautiful vintage inspired clothes for small people from newborn up to seven years

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*Disclaimer - I absolutely love Molly Coddle clothes & I love to help support local Business's. All thoughts & opinions are my own. 

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