My beautiful Ballerina at K.D.F Academy

K.D.F Academy 
As I have mentioned Emilyn started Ballet a few weeks ago. 
Oh my goodness she adores it. 
I thought I would share with you especially if you live in West Sussex & have young children looking for dance classes.... 
We go to KDF every Saturday Ballet starts at 9am this is for half an hour, at 9:30 Emilyn then goes into Musical theatre till 10am. 

The dance teachers are so lovely & enthusiastic, *I have no idea how they have so much energy. It must just be their passion for dance that makes them like this. 
Emilyn is normally very shy but after just one *taster class she now goes straight into her ballet classes with no fight. She's actually excited to say good bye to us. It's so lovely seeing her enjoy something as much as this. 
Emilyn enjoying ballet
Emilyn in her ballet class 
Since Emilyn joined K.D.F academy a few weeks ago her confidence has grown so much.
She skips out of her dance classes in the happiest mood raving all about what Miss Kayleigh & Miss Jojo taught her today.

She also absolutely loves having her hair done & putting her ballet uniform on...

At K.D.F academy you make the best of friends too.

Emilyn with Hugo just before Ballet

I think this is adorable. True laughter in her ballet class

I would totally recommend K.D.F academy for any little girl or boy super impressed. I've already signed Hugo up to start once he turns 3. 

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  1. How amazing x sounds like she enjoys every minute of her ballet class and the teachers sounds awesome x you must be a very proud mummy.

    1. Thank you :) Yes i'm so happy she's found something she really loves to do xx

  2. Gorgeous pictures - simply stunning. She looks like she's having so much fun. I love the fact that her ballet uniform is purple not pink - so much more striking.



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