Talipes talk from a 3 year old.

Gogo & I
Hello My name is Emilyn Maisy Ann & I'm almost 4 years old. For my Birthday i'm going to Legoland again... This is my story about my Talipes Baby Brother.

So I have this little brother Hugo, He's small & very special.
Well his feet are also very special. Hugo has Happy Feet.
Shall I start from the right at the very beginning?

When Mummy & Daddy went for their Scan to see if I was going to have a baby brother or baby sister. I of course only wanted a baby sister. Boys are stinky & are made from puppy dog tails. Whereas girls are made from Strawberries & roses.

Mummy & Daddy spent ages at the hospital whilst my Nanna & Aunty looked after me.
When Mummy & Daddy finally got home. They looked very upset, I think I even heard Mummy cry...The next few days were really odd. Mummy kept cuddling me more, They then left me with my other Aunty as they had to go to another Hospital. They again left me for ages. But I had a lovely lunch with my Aunty. So that made up for being left for so long.
When Mummy & Daddy arrived home they were at least smiling. It was nice to see Mummy & Daddy smile again. They let me know I was going to have a baby BROTHER A BOY!. I was quite excited actually. I hoped he likes cars.

One night Mummy sat me down, She explained my new baby brother has special feet. So special in fact that when he will be just a few days old he will have his legs in casts. It will look just like he's broken both legs.
Great I thought, I'll get to colour them in! But I didn't really understand.

Not until my baby brother was born 'Gogo' My mummy calls hims 'Hugo' But I can't say that word just yet.

Until Mummy left me again... I think Gogo was 5 days old. They left me with my Nanna. Gogo then came home, with hard legs. I'm not kidding, you could of broken something with them, they were solid.

Hugo looked perfect. This was my first brother, My first sibling. what was I expecting? He didn't do much other than poop & sleep. He was very cuddly. 

 The first thing I said was "aww poor baby, He looks a bit silly" - Mummy said it wasn't a fashion trend. But was helping him. You see Mummy let me into a secret. She said. "Hugo is a very special baby. He needs his Happy Feet. & his feet won't be happy if they aren't treated. As he won't be able to walk" I want Gogo to walk one day. I need someone to chase.

Each week Mummy took Hugo to Hospital to have his casts changed.

 Each week Gogo would have his funny casts put on. Then the week after he would have a bath to remove them & put them back on again.
This is to make sure Hugo has happy feet.

I think Mummy said this happened for 5 or so weeks. But each baby is very different. 
Hugo's feet were born the worst & scored a 6. But he didn't need to have a Operation. 
I'm happy because I don't want Mummy unhappy.

Then came the day when Gogo wanted to dress up as a snowboarder! He was always trying to take attention away from me.
No seriously. This is Gogo's boots and bar. I am probably too over protective with Gogo... but I am his older sister after all.
No one is aloud to pick on him. His boots and bar will help keep his happy feet straight.
Hugo is now 20 months old. I tell people he is 1 years old. & he is my baby brother. I love him lots. I used to want a baby sister. I don't anymore. That would mean I'd have to share more of my toys.

I love my little brother Hugo. He is very sweet, and very strong. He can kick me very hard with his boots and bar. You have to really stay out of the way of his boots and bar.

This is my little brother with his boots and bar on.

This is me.

Yours Sincerely

Miss Emilyn xxx


  1. This is so sweet, bless her! It must have been pretty confusing for her, so cute saying she needs someone to chase.

    You have very beautiful children!


    1. Thank you Issy. - I sat her down & she explained her thoughts on Hugo's casts & boots xx :)

  2. I love this. It brought tears to my eyes, my eldest has just turned 3 and doesn't really understand about hid baby brothers happy feet but he loves him loads and this is really good to read from a childs point of view. Your blogs are a fantastic read for me. Xxx

    1. Thank you so much. It fascinates me to what children really think about it all x

  3. This is a lovely post and to see the change in Hugo's feet is incredible...I can only imagine how hard it is for you all, but I guess looking back at photos like these must help you all through the difficult days x

    1. thank you. Yes totally looking back at the photos makes it all feel real. x



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