Walls are not for colouring!

I'm blaming myself for this one... I'm sure its Karma.
Emilyn never drew on my walls, she never drew on my furniture... & I thanked my lucky stars of my well behaved daughter.
I even remember 'bragging' to my own Mum how lucky I was to have such a good girl.

Well now I have a son. A Boy. & Boys are completely different. Hugo's 20 months old & into everything... Emilyn had her fourth Birthday this week & one of her presents was felt tip pens. Now i'm not complaining. But Hugo today has drawn me two 'beautiful' art works.
(apologies to no photos) Thankfully he has only drawn on my kitchen island so i've been able to wipe clean. But It terrifies me that it could of been my lovely white clean walls.
Honestly I would of been mortified.

I told him off the first time & left it at that...
But less than an hour later he's drawing on it again.
I had to put the poor little poppet in the corner and told him off.
It felt so foreign to tell him off... he still seems like a little baby.

I just thought i'd memo down the day that my little guy started to cause trouble with the felt tips.

Perhaps he's planning on being the next 'Banksy'

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