You can't break me ... Talipes I won't let you

That moment when all you feel like doing is giving up.

Then you look around the room, compose yourself & say to yourself... You  won't break me. I don't give up. Talipes I won't let you.

Well boots & bar time in our house is VERY much up & down. Today consisted of half an hour trying to catch Hugo to get his socks on. It ended with me feeling severely bruised & swollen over my right eye after Hugo putting up the biggest fight of his life & head butting me. 

Of course I managed to get them on him but I can't stand the fight. The tractor bar bumper helped for a few days but obviously novelty has worn off. 

For a normal parent to perhaps understand a little bit more... you know when your child fights nappy changes or getting dressed. This is pretty similar but worse. 
Hugo fights nappy changes & he fights me getting him dressed every morning. 
Boots and Bar time is like he hates them. 
I've had a long day, I'm tired so I know it doesn't help. My face is killing me. 

I'm fed up of people telling me 5 years isn't long. In the whole scheme of things I agree. Funnily enough though the people telling me this- well they have perfect children. *I'm not saying Hugo isn't perfect. He is perfect to us. If he didn't have Bilateral Talipes my life certainly wouldn't be anything like it is now. 
5 years is a killer of a long time. my eldest isn't even 4 yet. How on earth can I even think about Hugo being 5. ! ? 

I'm fed up of putting on my 'brave' face. 

I'm just fed up today.

Can you tell just how fed up I am? 


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  2. Big hugs. Having a fed up day here too! Jasper is nearly 6 months old and still no end in sight to casts (he started at 5 weeks!) X

    1. Oh sarah, thats rough. i hope you get positive news soon & you can then start the Boots & bar process soon xx



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