Inside the Sensory room

Baby Sensory Room Horsham, West sussex

This week a group of my friends & I decided to check out our local Sensory Room. I think it been there a while but it's one of those things you seem to unfortunately forget about. I have never taken either Children to a sensory room. In West Sussex there is now a sensory buss that's visited Emilyns preschool once before & she really enjoyed it. 
I really didn't know what to expect, I was surprised by the size of the room it was much larger than I had imagined. 

Hugo was a little bit shy to start with but that didn't last long. It helped that before we arrived the room was empty. 
Hugo loved the ball pit the balls all changed colours . 

This sensory room is at BroadBridge Heath leisure centre it has the opening times on their website. 
Cost £3.15 for an hour or longer if no one else is wanting the room. 
They also do birthday party's I'm going to investigate about holding Hugo's 2nd birthday party there. 
From Birth - 5 years & disabled children & adults. 
I really loved the sensory room & with the days becoming colder & wetter I'll definitely take both of my smalls there more. 

Pumpkin making

Pumpkin making with my little pumpkin & witch - 
It's Emilyns preschool Halloween party today so to celebrate we've decided to curve our pumpkin. 
Emilyn & Hugos Nanna gave them this pumpkin last night & they were super excited! It felt just like Christmas. 
Both of them decided to put their fancy dress clothes on to curve the pumpkin & I was surprised to see Hugo could still fit into last years Pumpkin outfit! Yay! 
Look at the size difference aww!! 

Hugo specially loves the pumpkin. 
Hugo & Emilyn had a bowl of popcorn to keep them amused whilst I curved the pumpkin. 
Emilyn wanted mr Pumpkin to have heart eyes! 
Hugo kept kissing him ! 
Ta-Da a proud Hugo with Mr Pumpkin
They can't wait for Halloween!! 
Love Hugo's grumpy pouting face... 

We are ready for Halloween now!! 

"Feet Hurt Mummy"

After a good few weeks of Hugo happily wearing his boots and bar we have hot rock bottom tonight. At 9pm the crying started a few wines & whinges to start with but once I knew he was really unhappy Mr.H went to get him. 
Hugo was throwing himself around & so upset telling me his "feet hurt mummy" then uncontrollably crying again, asking for cuddles but not accepting them at the same time. 
I looked him in the eyes & said "Hugo what's wrong poppet ?" 
Then he turned to me once again & said "feet mummy feet hurt" tears rolling down my face that moment once again that your heart is saying take them off take them off but your head the reality saying no he must wear them without this treatment he may never walk. 
I calmed myself composed myself for Hugo's benefit; inside I'm feeling confused & lost... I told him how his boots are magic & only magic special people wear these boots just like Ted-Ted then got the book out... Obviously skipped to the racing car page. It called him for a moment or two. 
Then the crying became screaming Mr H got some Calpol it could be teething (he's just getting two bottom ones) or he may of been cold or getting almightedly fed up with his duvet; he's ALWAYS getting stuck he will roll over boots and bar gets stuck he'll roll the other way boots and bar get stuck... It's an absolute nightmare. So I suppose I'll never know why he wakes up so distressed & I know I can't blame everything on his boots and bar. 
He point blankly refused the Calpol this was the time I thought was best to get him in our room calm him down & hope he gets some sleep. 
A few moments later I hear tiny little footsteps, the door creaking, Emilyns awake! 
Turn the negatives into positives 
"Ah-ha you're awake you can help us with Hugo..." 
I asked Hugo what foot hurt he said his left well pointed to his left.. I decided to investigate & took his boot off then his sock kissed & cuddled his foot. 
Luckily he wanted his sock back on & happily let me put his boot back on. 
He's now cuddled up on me in my bed... 
Much happier than he was... Perhaps his foot was creased & in pain? Just another night for our Happy feet boy. 

My Talipes Book : Wear your Boots Ted *Giveaway* :

Talipes book Wear your boots Ted

You may or may not of been aware that I've put together a simple talipes book.
I was ready to try anything to help Hugo want to wear his boots. 
To get him in his boots & bar with no struggle, no fight, no stress.
I spent the last few months writing & getting the book to come to life. 
Our real life Ted-Ted
Well its finished & available to buy from Amazon & createaspace at the moment its on a special offer for November/December.
Ted tucked up in bed ... Dreaming BIG 

Hugo loves me reading his 'boot bar book' to him & now remembers each page. 
For me Wear your boots Ted really has changed the way Hugo looks at his boots.  

I made Ted-Ted a unisex ted there is no 'his, her, she, he' anywhere in the book. 
Leaving it up to your child to decided. 

Wear your boots Ted was obviously inspired by Hugo wearing boots and bar.
I thought about a teddy wearing boots as we call Hugo - 'GoGo Bear' 
I also tried to get Hugo's boots on his teddy *This cheered him up* 
So here we have it. 
Ted-Ted was born. 
I had Lauren from do all my illustrating she created Ted-Ted. 

I am going to simply *Giveaway* One Wear your Boots Ted book. 

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Ghosts do you believe?

Ghosts can be a very taboo subject. Some believe, Some don't.
As it's coming up to Halloween I thought I'd share with you our recent goings on.

The background : 
When we moved to Parents house almost 13 years ago. I was a young teen. The day we got the keys the house felt very cold, very unsettling, very unwelcome.
It amazed me how unwelcome some bricks & water can make you feel. My mother & I drove back to our old house rather unsure of our new...

We decorated the whole house & bought new furniture we made the house ours. The history in the house goes back literally hundreds of years. It started life as 2 very small wood cutters cottages. As the cottages became one the cottage name changed & now to find history about it... well is difficult.

Strange things kept happening... I blogged briefly about it before. HERE << this blog post covers slightly of the background but I want to tell you more. More than just our books being switched & pages changed.
More than just the doorbell going off at strange times of the day...

I'm always being watched. & if I'm not being watched, theres someone walking or running past our house windows.

Call me mad if you like. I'm quite used to it. I've lived with it long enough...

We recently had the conservatory built its obviously disrupted the house, Weeks after the Dining room smelt like fire, its was freezing, the house didn't like it. She didn't like it.

Night upon night I would get into bed & my feet at the end of the bed would always be warm. She was sat at the end of my bed. always the right side. When I moved house this never happened. Only at my parents house. In my bedroom I have seen glimpses of the young girl more times than I can say.
I can't really tell you much about her... & At times I honestly thought I was crazy.

My younger sister is now in that bedroom & low & behold. She is experiencing very similar. She feels a presence in her room, whilst doing her make up she says it feels as if someone is standing behind her. She will turn to no one. No one even in the house with her.

It's funny because she never believed me when it was happening to me.

So i'm glad she can see her too.

The upmost annoying one is when i'm certain someone is at the front door.
Someone will walk past the window & then tap the front door. drives me crazy & as you know we built our home opposite my Mums house it happens here too. I'll be in the kitchen & i'll hear footsteps on the decking.... no ones there.

I want to tell you about what my 4 year old daughter told me.

A few weeks ago, Mr H & I sat on our sofa having our morning coffee trying to persuade Emilyn to get dressed.

Now & I know how dream land children's brains are I really do; But this adds up to it.
out of no where "Mummy the little girl Rosalyn at Nannas house is sad,"
I said "what little girl Emilyn? your toy?"
Emilyn "No Mummy, I see her in the dark at Nannas"
I say "Oh does she talk to you? How do you know her name?"
Emilyn "She told me, Mummy she's lost her Mummy, She's 100years old"

I right at this moment look over at Mr H - Oh my gosh she's talking about the girl. Now of course I don't no how old she is... But for Emilyn to even say 100 years old is bizarre & to say the name Rosalyn she not to my knowledge knows any one with this name...

Emilyn goes on to say "Mummy she needs her Mummy"

I makes me kinda sad, She lost her Mummy.

So can any of you non believers explain this to me too?

*True story* Happy Halloween.

Feature wall Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston feature wall
I have been lusting over this Cath Kidston wallpaper since we moved into our Flat pack home, I did have my doubts about spending £50 on one wall though... Here I posted similar wallpaper to Cath Kidston
After A LOT of thinking & talking to Mr H we both decided it would be worth the money, buying the real deal. 

Hugo helping daddy
Love it already! 

I had totally forgotten JUST how hard work wallpapering was! I wasn't even doing it & I was stressed.
Mr H busy at work.

I love it. Cath kidston wallpaper
I think it looks beautiful.
We did have to use two roles annoyingly... or not so annoyingly as this meant I could wallpaper my cloakroom room too! 
With the left over bits I also managed to decoupage some bits of my corner unit & I still have wallpaper left over! 

Cath Kidston wallpaper finished.
The left over bits will be perfect for drawer inlays.
I'm so happy with the finished look.

NasalGuard Cold & Flu Block Review

Nasal Guard cold & flu Block

I was given the opportunity to review this Nasal Guard Cold & Flu Block : 

First Impression:
Great packaging 
Small enough to fit in your handbag/coat pocket
Contains 150 applications from one tiny 3g tube
Transparent formula and can be applied under or over make-up (great news for me)

What you need to know:

Suitable for pregnant women, Children and the elderly
No symptoms of drowsiness or dry mouth
Preventative: blocks airborne particles including viruses entering the body through the nose
It can be used while taking other medications (Unlike some tablets and nasal sprays) 
Convenient, lightweight and portable 
Simple and non-greasy application 

What you need to know:

Suitable for pregnant women, Children and the elderly
No symptoms of drowsiness or dry mouth
Preventative: blocks airborne particles including viruses entering the body through the nose
It can be used while taking other medications (Unlike some tablets and nasal sprays) 
Convenient, lightweight and portable 
Simple and non-greasy application 

How it works:
Nasal Guard Cold & flu Block works by using a patented technology operating on the simple principle of electrostatic charges. As Clod & Flu Block gel has a slight positive charge which traps negatively-charged airborne viruses, it works in a preventative way to block airborne particles entering the body through the nose, reducing the likelihood of getting sick from cold & flu viruses.

How to use: 
For best results, use throughout the cold and flu season (October-April). Apply when you wake up, after showering, before bedtime and every 4 hours in between. 
Re-apply if nose or face becomes wet. 

Three steps to cold and flu protection: 

  1. Simply squeeze 1-2 drops of gel onto your forefinger
  2. Rub together using your forefinger and thumb
  3. Apply a thin layer around the nostrils and between the nose and upper lip 
How to use :

Transparent formula and can be applied under or over make-up (great news for me)

Moments later its unnoticeable

Really impressed,
Super easy to use & it works! 
Once I've put it on it feels refreshing

Where to buy:
NasalGuard Cold & Flu Block is available exclusively at most Boots stores nationwide & online at RRP£11.99

*Disclaimer I was given this for the purpose of this Review: All thoughts & opinions are my own.

Mr & Mrs H have some exciting news to share with you....

Mr & Mrs H

On our 4th Wedding Anniversary we will be saying 'I do' All over again! 
We are Renewing our vows & having a beautiful blessing in our local Church. 
Following this we are in the process of booking a lovely wedding Venue & hotel. 

Posts to follow - Save the Date Cards!


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