My Talipes Book : Wear your Boots Ted *Giveaway* :

Talipes book Wear your boots Ted

You may or may not of been aware that I've put together a simple talipes book.
I was ready to try anything to help Hugo want to wear his boots. 
To get him in his boots & bar with no struggle, no fight, no stress.
I spent the last few months writing & getting the book to come to life. 
Our real life Ted-Ted
Well its finished & available to buy from Amazon & createaspace at the moment its on a special offer for November/December.
Ted tucked up in bed ... Dreaming BIG 

Hugo loves me reading his 'boot bar book' to him & now remembers each page. 
For me Wear your boots Ted really has changed the way Hugo looks at his boots.  

I made Ted-Ted a unisex ted there is no 'his, her, she, he' anywhere in the book. 
Leaving it up to your child to decided. 

Wear your boots Ted was obviously inspired by Hugo wearing boots and bar.
I thought about a teddy wearing boots as we call Hugo - 'GoGo Bear' 
I also tried to get Hugo's boots on his teddy *This cheered him up* 
So here we have it. 
Ted-Ted was born. 
I had Lauren from do all my illustrating she created Ted-Ted. 

I am going to simply *Giveaway* One Wear your Boots Ted book. 

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  2. I'd read it to my two daughters who both love their books

    1. My two love books too this one gets them saying the next sentence before i do ! :)

  3. I'd read this to my gorgeous boys, they love a bedtime book



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