Make your own Christmas cards

Make your own Christmas Cards

Making our yearly Christmas Cards with the children has turned into a bit of a tradition. 
We don't make hundreds but enough for family members. 
I always put the year on the back of one we keep.

We started off colouring a piece of paper lots of different colours. 
Then cut that into 'christmas tree shapes' 
Stuck gold tape to make the bottom of the tree
then put some glitter on....

Emilyn & Hugo's christmas cards 2013

Emilyn & Hugo's christmas cards 2013

I love making simple home made Christmas cards - its a perfect afternoon activity. Emilyn got 'glitter happy' this year too...
So glittery!! 
This is also Emilyn's first year to send Christmas cards to her school friends & teachers. She picked disney character christmas cards. Also these funny ones for her Teachers:

Happy sweets !

Heres Emilyn writing her Christmas cards. She was so excited.
Emilyn aged 4 years writing her Christmas cards

Emilyn looking at her Christmas cards
I find making & writing Christmas cards get you in to the Christmassy mood. We sat watching Elf with candles on. In the lounge.

I can't wait to get our Christmas tree now.

December the 1st tomorrow make sure you take a look at my December Bucket list

My Little Shoes *Slipper socks Review

Hugo really enjoyed reviewing these Slipper socks 

I was given the opportunity to review these rather cute Slipper socks from My Little Shoes,  

Hugo wearing the Slipper socks

What are Slipper Socks

Slipper socks are great for keeping your little ones feet warm and cosy during the winter months. They have suede soles to prevent them slipping whilst the sock part which has an elasticated trim will ensure that they stay securely on the little feet. They are perfect for babies, crawlers and toddlers. And what is even better is that you can even wash them at 40 degrees, like music to my ears! They are part hand stitched and made with the softest suede and cotton.The designs are made by My Little Shoes so you won't find them anywhere else.They are very popular for babies and toddlers who attend a nursery and require an 'indoor' pair of shoes in addition to their day shoes.They are available in 4 sizes 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months and 24-36 months across 4 lovely designs and can be purchased 

First Impression:

Great Colour & design.
Washes well, keeping shape and colour
Fits well really well I got Hugo 18-24 month they are a generous fit he is a size 4 at 22 months old.
Very comfy - So Hugo says *I can't fit my feet in to try! - No complaints
They Keep his feet warm! & Snug.

What you need to know:

My Little Shoes are a local, home based business in Haslemere (Southern England) selling baby and toddler soft shoe and slippers at affordable prices. Their designs are all created here in the UK exclusively for My Little Shoes so you won't find these shoes anywhere else.
You'll also be secure in the knowledge that all of their baby shoes are made out of the highest quality leather and cotton free of any nasty chemicals.

Hugo loves his Slipper Socks


I love them, But better than that Hugo loves them. He keeps them on (which is more than he does with his socks) Monkey! With Hugo having sore patches on his feet (Due to wearing his Boots and bar to bed)*link here if your a new reader  These Slipper Socks really help to keep his hands away from scratching his feet.  The price is fab at just £9.99 for such good quality. I will be ordering more

Where to buy:

You can find My little shoes on Twitter
& on Facebook

*Disclaimer I was given these for the purpose of this Review: All thoughts & opinions are my own. 

Emilyns Eye test 4 years old nov 2013

Today was Emilyns 6 monthly eye test... This week hasn't been quiet to say the least I've managed to rack up almost 400 miles in less than 5 days! I'm exhausted. Emilyns opticians is in Bogner Regis almost an 100 mile round trip but quite a pleasant drive apart from driving past an open prison with prisoners walking past your car of course... 
I bought Emilyn a magazine as a bribe (she's not aloud sweets anymore) the hyper 3 hours afterwards is not worth the full 3 minutes of quiet whilst she scoffs them down as quick as possible. 
The journey in the car started out awful with both smalls tantruming as loud as they could. They soon calmed down, both fell asleep I waited in the car until they woke on their own accord..
but the tantrums picked up quickly especially from Hugo! What a grumpy boy he is today. All I kept thinking was "why have I brought him with me?! This is important & I want to know how Emilyns eyes are"... The stress almost took over its super difficult to keep calm with tantrum city happening from Hugo!! 

Luckily when we got inside the opticians Hugo was aloud out of his buggy (he was very happy about that) we got a few car books to read & waited till called into the room.  
Then you guessed it Hugo wanted attention he was getting here we go again: honestly it's the most tiring thing listening to a silly unneeded tantrum ! 

Emilyn however was fabulous she done as the lady asked & thankfully her eyes are no worse than before but they've not improved either... We did get to chose some lovely new glasses! Red ones for Christmas, she loves them. We've got to go back in 10 days to collect them. They really are beautiful so beautiful that I've had to add some money to them on top of her NHS voucher... She's so worth it. 

As we were leaving, the opticians asked if Hugo has had his eyes tested yet? I responded no they then said "well he really should so next time you're down book him in with Emilyn too. 

I think however i would have a breakdown if Hugo had to wear them too I'm barely coping with the amount of appointments at the current time let alone any more getting thrown into the mix. Better to get it checked now though. 

I'll update when Emilyn picks her new glasses up. Unfortunately I couldn't get any photos it was a bit of a mad manic rush. 

Vosene Kids Shampoo & Spray Review

Vosene Kids Shampoo & Spray... Lets Spray those nits away! 

Well To celebrate the launch of their new improved Vosene Kids conditioning 
spray (designed to help prevent head lice using natural ingredients 
alongside our 3 in 1 Shampoo) I've recently been doing a Giveaway for one of you lovelies to have the chance to win these- 

I was given the opportunity to review  Vosene Shampoo & Spray

First Impression:
For me the Creepy crawly nits make my skin crawl. yuck. 
But alas its unfortunately apart of growing up. No doubt we will have a nit infestation at some point in the future. 
Or will we? 
With the help of Vosene to protect your family this autumn and beyond with their new & improved shampoo & sprays.
The new & improved Vosene kids detangled sprays work with Vosene Kids 3 in 1 Conditioning shampoo to help prevent head lice.

Whats in the formula? 

Using natural ingredients including Citronella Oil, Eucalyptus Oil 
and Rosemary Oil, the clinically proven sprays now provide even more  protection against head lice whilst instantly detangling even the worst  knots to leave hair looking healthy and shiny.
Vosene Shampoo & Spray

Now as Emilyn & Hugo haven't experienced head lice yet I can't comment fully whether this works. I can however tell you that this past week I have used it on there hair every bath time & their hair smells delicious & looks very healthy. 
I love the smell of Vosene it smells strongly of Tea Tree oil.
Again although we haven't yet experienced head lice; using this shampoo & spray does put my mind at ease. I feel happier with Emilyn going off to Pre-school knowing that the chances of her coming home with Head lice has lessened.
Also it's not a chore to wash their hair. I remember the smell of the old head lice stuff & it stunk! 
I love this Shampoo & spray. I will continue to buy it to keep those pesky nits at bay.
Vosene Shampoo & Spray

Where to buy?

Vosene Kids 3in1 Conditioning Shampoo (RR£2.54, 250ml; £3.87, 400ml) & 
Conditioning Defence Sprays (RRP £2.54) are found in the children's 
shampoo aisle in Tesco, Morrisons, Boots, Sainsbury’s and Asda.

You can find Vosene on Facebook & Twitter 

*Disclaimer I was given these for the purpose of this Review: All thoughts & opinions are my own.

Guest Blog Homemade Christmas Decorations

Handmade Christmas decoration

Chantelle from has kindly offered to Guest post on Busybeemummybex.
Today as we are getting closer & closer to CHRISTMAS... We are talking Handmade Christmas Decorations. Perfect for days inside with the children.

I'll pass you over to Chantelle now:

My children are big lovers of making all sorts of items. Anything that involves cutting or sticking and you have their attention.

This year I thought it would be really nice to make some of our own  Christmas decorations, We decided on creating some Christmas themed paper chains, simple to do yet super cute & so much fun all at the same time.

What you will need :

  • Paper
  • Scissors 
  • Colouring pens and pencils
Making them...

How to make :

  • Cut along the lines carefully, (have an adult help if its too difficult)
  • Coloyr in your paper chains, the brighter the better in my opinion.
  • Once they are all coloured in you can do the same as us and stick some of your chains together with cellotape to make them longer.
  • All that is left to do now is hang them up. My daughter's wanted them in their bedroom, so we hung them up on their windowsills.

Almost finished...

Finished & hanging up
Have you made your own decorations before? We would love some more suggestions on things to make.

Thank you
Love Chantelle

You can find more Homemade/handmade things here  &                 

  1. Christmas gingerbread man garland
  2. Make your own Christmas Eve surprise box
  3. Simple to make christmassy candle jars

Winter Window Competition‏

Winter Window Competition

You can join in too if you click the above ^^
I decided to get Emilyn & Hugo to 'help' me decorate our Window. 
Emilyn especially was a fantastic help; She filled up jars with Christmas baubles & tinsel.
Emilyn put the Baubles inside the jars.

My Twig Tree - is literally from my garden, We had a tree cut down a few weeks ago this branch was perfect. I sprayed it white & sprinkled some glitter around it.

The photos don't do my Window justice.
I love my window display 

My house is quite 'Shabby Chic' so my Winter Window needed to fit in perfectly.

Baubles in a jar & Tinsel in a jar 

I made my musical candle jam jars a few weeks ago:

Our window before....

Tinsel in a jar

Their is A LOT going on in my Window display.

What it looks like from outside
the view from outside

I really hope you've enjoyed looking through my Winter Window display. 

If you want to join in the competition click HERE
you can follow them on twitter, Pinterest & Facebook 


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