D.I.Y your own Christmas Eve Surprise Box

We all love a sneaky present the night BEFORE Christmas don't we? 
Well I'm sure your Children would love to open a box with goodies inside:

Inside mine is designed for my two children:
  • Two pairs of matching Christmas onesies
  • Popcorn
  • Two Christmas films 
  • New Christmas decorations each for the tree (Family Tradition to get a new decoration each year)
  • Also still need to a make or buy Reindeer food you can purchase that from the lovely Jackalillie or make your own
  • I have just added Hot chocolate & marshmallows too
What you need : A box, wrapping paper, what ever you want to fill your Christmas box with
Christmas Eve box

Covering your box:

I used Vintage Christmas Wrapping paper I found at the local charity shop, 
I used glue & Sellotape  

Christmas Eve box Finished.

Finished Box ready for Christmas Eve! I'm hoping the box will with stand time & last many years to come to start a real Christmas eve box surprise tradition.

Christmas Eve surprise box Finished !

I really do LOVE Christmas & I found putting this box together so much fun. I cannot wait to see E & H' s faces Christmas Eve...
You can find my favourite Childrens Christmas Pyjamas for under £20 here
Do you remember my blog post about nativity sets from Jackalillie? if not its here to refresh your memory.

Finished with the reindeer food

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