Emilyns Eye test 4 years old nov 2013

Today was Emilyns 6 monthly eye test... This week hasn't been quiet to say the least I've managed to rack up almost 400 miles in less than 5 days! I'm exhausted. Emilyns opticians is in Bogner Regis almost an 100 mile round trip but quite a pleasant drive apart from driving past an open prison with prisoners walking past your car of course... 
I bought Emilyn a magazine as a bribe (she's not aloud sweets anymore) the hyper 3 hours afterwards is not worth the full 3 minutes of quiet whilst she scoffs them down as quick as possible. 
The journey in the car started out awful with both smalls tantruming as loud as they could. They soon calmed down, both fell asleep I waited in the car until they woke on their own accord..
but the tantrums picked up quickly especially from Hugo! What a grumpy boy he is today. All I kept thinking was "why have I brought him with me?! This is important & I want to know how Emilyns eyes are"... The stress almost took over its super difficult to keep calm with tantrum city happening from Hugo!! 

Luckily when we got inside the opticians Hugo was aloud out of his buggy (he was very happy about that) we got a few car books to read & waited till called into the room.  
Then you guessed it Hugo wanted attention he was getting here we go again: honestly it's the most tiring thing listening to a silly unneeded tantrum ! 

Emilyn however was fabulous she done as the lady asked & thankfully her eyes are no worse than before but they've not improved either... We did get to chose some lovely new glasses! Red ones for Christmas, she loves them. We've got to go back in 10 days to collect them. They really are beautiful so beautiful that I've had to add some money to them on top of her NHS voucher... She's so worth it. 

As we were leaving, the opticians asked if Hugo has had his eyes tested yet? I responded no they then said "well he really should so next time you're down book him in with Emilyn too. 

I think however i would have a breakdown if Hugo had to wear them too I'm barely coping with the amount of appointments at the current time let alone any more getting thrown into the mix. Better to get it checked now though. 

I'll update when Emilyn picks her new glasses up. Unfortunately I couldn't get any photos it was a bit of a mad manic rush. 


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