Make your own Christmas cards

Make your own Christmas Cards

Making our yearly Christmas Cards with the children has turned into a bit of a tradition. 
We don't make hundreds but enough for family members. 
I always put the year on the back of one we keep.

We started off colouring a piece of paper lots of different colours. 
Then cut that into 'christmas tree shapes' 
Stuck gold tape to make the bottom of the tree
then put some glitter on....

Emilyn & Hugo's christmas cards 2013

Emilyn & Hugo's christmas cards 2013

I love making simple home made Christmas cards - its a perfect afternoon activity. Emilyn got 'glitter happy' this year too...
So glittery!! 
This is also Emilyn's first year to send Christmas cards to her school friends & teachers. She picked disney character christmas cards. Also these funny ones for her Teachers:

Happy sweets !

Heres Emilyn writing her Christmas cards. She was so excited.
Emilyn aged 4 years writing her Christmas cards

Emilyn looking at her Christmas cards
I find making & writing Christmas cards get you in to the Christmassy mood. We sat watching Elf with candles on. In the lounge.

I can't wait to get our Christmas tree now.

December the 1st tomorrow make sure you take a look at my December Bucket list

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