"Mine Boots and Bar Mummy!!"

After our all I can say HORRENDOUS night...Hugo decided to pretty much stay awake all night screaming at me.
It's the kind of tantrum/scream that involves kicking his feet this involves kicking his heavy boots and bar everywhere!
Honestly scary & painful! If you've never experienced a 22month old kicking you in the face with Ponseti Boots and Bar on you really can't understand. I'm not condescending you its fact. I'm sitting here typing away not fully remembering just how scary and hard work it was to try & calm him down.

Well at our 3am tantrum fit whilst in our bed I decided to take action & ask if it was his boots, I started undoing them... to find that Hugo's tantrum got louder & more frightful he definitely did not want his boots off & when he started shouting "NO Mine Boots on mummy!" I put them back on.

So I have come to the conclusion last nights antics maybe had absolutely nothing to do with his boots, perhaps he was feeling poorly.

It's the whole unknown still with him being so young. He can't explain it to me. He was so upset... beside himself in fact. Little poppet.

What I do know though is that i'm exhausted physically, emotionally, body & mind drained.

It's super easy to blame the boots. It made me take a step back when you triumphantly yelled at me to keep them on his feet.
This of course didn't stop him wriggling out of his left boot last night... I saw his little foot wriggling around in his sleeping bag. Monkey.

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