Positive news from Hugo's latest Happy Feet Check up

Today couldn't of started much worse really; I woke up with a cracking Migraine, Hugo busted his lip open on Emilyn's head after jumping on my bed... I forgot Emilyn's glasses so she went to school without seeing very well (Bad bad mummy)

When we FINALLY arrived at the hospital Hugo was a bit smelly... if you're a Mum reading this no doubt you would of guessed already?... yep a POO
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EXPLOSION! Jheeze what a mess! That damn Cows Milk really doesn't agree with his poor tummy; back to square one.

Typically me being a terribly bad Mum that I seem to be today I hadn't even packed a spare pair of clothes for the little poppet.
When I say it was ALL over his clothes I mean; just that... SOCKS, Trousers, vest! Thank goodness it didn't get on his UGG's!
So after we cleaned him up... we then had quite a long wait (we had arrived early) But a tiny new baby was being casted, I think it took a little bit longer than expected.
Royal Surrey Hospital 
 Its a good job Hugo likes playing in the waiting room!
The Truck is one of his favourites... This is the 'W' position he is sitting in, This is also frowned upon, Its no good on the hips, knees & feet... I will do a further post about the W position soon for you.
This position to me looks totally un natural...

When our lovely Physiotherapists were ready to see us; She asked for Hugo to walk up & down the corridor first so she could see how his left hyper mobile leg / foot was doing... But even getting Hugo in the room was a challenge. I had told him all about it for the last few days hoping he would be OK & let the physio's check his Happy Feet. But alas Hugo stood at the door & froze to the spot. Uh oh.
I cuddled him & walked him in... It was busy at the hospital today lots of other Happy Feet babies here too. We sat on a foam mat & tried to let the physio take a look at his feet. It was a struggle. Hugo's so strong now he kicked up so a struggle.

His feet are looking good.  His left hyper mobile leg is still over corrected ( I don't know if it will ever be corrected) I live in hope. They've brought his left foot in more with his boots and bar & see how it goes.
It was quite sweet that when they took his bar to change the position of it, Hugo started crying & shouting "BAR BAR BAR MINE BAR" it shows he loves it really.

I had a complete meltdown in there. Sleep is such a tough issue for me to talk about without welling up. I MISS SLEEP. I felt ridiculously stupid crying, I don't think I've ever broken down like that before. What a shock. I explained how hard the last few months have been. How Hugo will sit & plead for me to take his boots off, the 'feet hurt mummy' blog will help you understand & the 'boots bar off mummy' blog too

I know I know that in 20 years time he will thank me. I'm not stupid. I know i'm doing the right thing for him. But when you see your not even 2 year old crying his eyes out at you to help him as he's telling you he's in pain. Is the most awful scenario I've ever faced.

Our Physiotherapists were amazing though I then showed them my 'Wear Your boots ted book' My oh so ever modest side almost got the better of me, I was terrified to show them. But really glad I did. They all said they loved it. I supposed it just showed how rough I feel I've had it. I at times really feel as though I can't continue with the whole boots & bar journey it really is one of the hardest things i've gone through to date.
Exhausted isn't the word.

On a positive note I'm glad his feet are doing OK. Nothing bad has happened & his over correction is improving.
I've been given 'Pringles' to go over the top of his foot to help prevent rubbing & also 'extra skin' to put on his toes to help prevent the rubbing there too.
So hoping this may help him want to wear his boots more....

Now lets count down to January the 16th 2014. You know it will come quick enough.

Hugo fast asleep

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  1. So pleased the check up went well Bex. He looks a happy chappy as usual! I'm pleased he's doing so well. Roll on 2014 hey! As you say, be here in no time! Also well done on showing off your book and not being afraid to open up about your lack of sleep and how hard it is xx



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