Winter Window Competition‏

Winter Window Competition

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I decided to get Emilyn & Hugo to 'help' me decorate our Window. 
Emilyn especially was a fantastic help; She filled up jars with Christmas baubles & tinsel.
Emilyn put the Baubles inside the jars.

My Twig Tree - is literally from my garden, We had a tree cut down a few weeks ago this branch was perfect. I sprayed it white & sprinkled some glitter around it.

The photos don't do my Window justice.
I love my window display 

My house is quite 'Shabby Chic' so my Winter Window needed to fit in perfectly.

Baubles in a jar & Tinsel in a jar 

I made my musical candle jam jars a few weeks ago:

Our window before....

Tinsel in a jar

Their is A LOT going on in my Window display.

What it looks like from outside
the view from outside

I really hope you've enjoyed looking through my Winter Window display. 

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